Walk Cycle Reference – Examples, How To’s, and More

Looking for good walk cycle reference? It’s all covered here and more: Normal walk cycle reference Personality walk cycle reference Creature walk cycle reference Best sites/books for reference And

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RA Animation Podcast #11- Learning Confessions of a Blizzard Cinematic Senior Animator

  Ever wondered what it takes to make it to Blizzard as a Senior Animator? How about making it to Blue Sky and Sony for a feature? Or what a pro that’s done all this – wishes he did differently

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My return to animation studios?

Back in June, we declared 2017 the year of massive growth.And  I shared a deeply vulnerable truth with you......that I decided to walk away from being a professional animator - so I could focus 100%

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Free Maya Rigs – The Best Options For Your Skill Level

Looking for the best free Maya rigs?You're in the right place.The free Maya rigs listed here are sorted by quality as well as skill level.This will save you countless hours of wasted time.You see there

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The Best Animation Schools – Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Animation Schools The best animation schools will set you up to WIN......though you'll most likely go to the wrong school and be setup to FAIL.Why?Most aspiring animators

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