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  • Brystal P Cauthen says:

    Thank you so much, Rusty, for having this content available. I love your podcast.

    Cliff notes version of my story : I’m an Orlando, FL based artist that answers to the call of wife, mommy, animator, painter and bartender. My five years experience have been juggling all of these hats simultaneously. After reading ‘The Top 3 Mistakes That CRUSH Your Chances With A Studio’, I have pin-pointed my error.

    I went to the wrong school.

    Attending DAVE School will never be a regret of mine, this is how I have connections in the industry. I would consider anything beyond this point Grad School. I’m having a difficult time figuring out which to do. DAVE was expensive and is not yet paid off, so finding the $700-$6,000 for ‘CEU’s’ is a tough hairball to cough up.

    My attempts at self progression :
    * – His tutorials are pretty awesome for 2D and the principles. They aren’t insanely expensive, but there’s a reason they ramp up to iAnimate; the insanely expensive part.
    * – Again, not bad for beginners, but you plateau. Time to find some one-on-one instruction.
    * – Fan-freaking-tastic! I love the way he teaches and I’m getting the principles down pretty well now. Yet again, time to get into body mechanics and acting.

    I’m a traditional artist, so I considered going for a spot somewhere in character design or story boarding. Still, I feel I would need to put quite a bit of time into creating a reel for any of this to make me relevant as I haven’t worked in the industry for a few years now. I’d much rather put my time and effort into animating. It’s always been my first love and I don’t want to push it off any longer.

    What avenue do I consider? I love the list you compiled for serious online options, I’ve been looking at Animation Mentor and iAnimate for some time. I’ve also looked into Schoolism, CGTarian and CGSociety, they let you choose which classes to do without a curriculum. The only downside I see to that is jumping into the deep end unprepared.

    Do you have any recommendations for ways to learn Maya more extensively and then get into intermediate animation without it costing $500 per month? If this is it, then so be it, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

    Thanks for your time!
    Brystal P Cauthen

  • isaiah says:

    Please Rusty, due to lack of unlimited Internet availability at my end it is quite difficult to learn fluently your juicy video you did on run cycle, may i please find a way to download it for off-line use? thanks.