How to rapidly overcome every single one of your animation struggles and reach your dream job

overcome your animation struggles

5 minutes after hitting play on my critique.... the 2nd class at the best animation school in the world - I was CRUSHED, overwhelmed, and ready to give up on my dream.

Each word during my critique, sounded like Russian mixed with calculus.

Each note of feedback stung like an icy wind cutting straight to the bone.


Nothing my instructor was telling me made any sense.  I was clueless how to proceed with improvements to my shot.  And answers to my questions during class felt rushed, generic, or unclear.

Even though I was working really hard...this went on week after week.

And I was learning so poorly in this class that my skills were actually regressing. I started messing up basic principles in animating that seemed so easy before.

The worst part was, there were 3 more months to go in this class alone and only 4 more classes until the entire animation program was all over.

It felt like my dream job was completely out of reach.

My thoughts just spiraled:

“I already spent 2 years and $100,000+ to attend a traditional university - will I ever figure this out?!!
Why did I pay $2,000+ for this class?! Will this entire program be a waste too?”

And the swirling thoughts really spun out of control when I stopped to look at what all the other students in other classes were doing:

“Why are they doing so awesome?! Maybe I’m just not talented enough to be an animator...Maybe this isn’t for me...”

Although, oddly enough, there was a silver lining to comparing my progress to everyone else's.

One day it just hit me.

As I watched critiques from a few other instructors to their students, I noticed 2 key things:

  1. I was actually learning. Not a lot, but more than in my current class
  2. These instructor’s were making all the difference in their students work. Even average students were improving massively.

This gave me just an ounce of hope, that maybe if I grit my teeth and hold out for one more class it will all be OK.  The idea that, maybe, in the next class, I’d finally have the right mentor and that would make all the difference for me too.

As it turns out - it did make all the difference.

My animation dreams were saved by the right mentor in the next class

Well, not just the right mentor in the next class, but the next 2 in a row.

These 2 instructors picked me up off the floor, pinpointed my weaknesses, and encouraged my strengths. If they didn’t, in this critical moment, I definitely wouldn’t be an animator today.

I had completely failed the class before them and it didn’t matter. In the 6 months under their guidance I completely transformed my skill set, restored my obsession with the art, and the shots I made ultimately got me hired.

The right guidance even for only these few classes more than made up for any downside throughout the entire school program.


  • I’d love to tell you that this was the end of my setbacks.  
  • I’d love to tell you that every class following, and every job I’ve taken since then...
    was the ideal learning experience that made me a far more talented artist.
  • I’d love to tell you, that you’ll have the right learning experience in school or on the job...

But I can’t.

If fact, you’re most likely going to have many ups and downs, like I have throughout my career, if you learn like everyone else does.

Up’s and downs that causes excess stress, debt and doubt in pursuit of your dream.

What I can share with you though, are 3 unspoken truths to getting the right animation guidance that can make or break your animation dreams.

That way no matter how you choose to learn, you can get more out of the teaching that helps you most.

And then you also have a chance to get the animation guidance you’ve always wanted to demolish any animation struggle you have and reach your dream job.

Guidance Truth #1 - The animation guidance you get will determine your failure or success

To be clear, this isn’t about blame or pointing a finger at all the bad learning experiences you’ve had or heard of before.

This is about recognizing the powerful effect this has on you’re learning and ultimately your success as as animator.

This is about taking responsibility, as it's not your fault that you’ve had the wrong guidance before, but it is up to you to do something about it moving forward - you’re dreams depend on it.

These next 2 truths, most students never see coming and they are crippling.

Guidance Truth #2 -  All Professional Animators Don't Make Great Mentors

This one certainly took me by surprise.

I thought if I was learning at the best school and from current working professionals - all of them would be amazing teachers.

But even the best schools are plagued by bad instructors.

Some teachers knock you completely off tempo

Don’t get me wrong though, there are a lot of great instructors that are also professionals but it’s all too often hit or miss.

Why does this happen?

  • Sometimes their teaching style just isn’t the right fit
  • Sometimes their just winging it with their teaching - no plan to make sure you get the most of the class.
  • Sometimes their jaded after years in the industry or wore out from work and their lack of enthusiasm becomes contagious
  • Sometimes they struggle with the technology - the webcam, the class recording, the internet, and end up wasting half the class on it.
  • Sometimes they can’t clearly communicate what they know, or they actually know less than their students (yes this actually happens)

These might sound extreme, but if you’ve taken a class before you’ve probably experienced at least one of these. And when you're spending $1,000’s of dollars per class these issues should be a rarity.

Guidance Truth #3 - The right  mentors can't make up for the wrong  learning environment

Imagine if John Lasseter, Glen Keane, Richard Williams, and Brad Bird each offered to teach you animation every week for 2 hours.

Yes,  the CEO of Pixar, The animator of Tarzan, The director of Roger Rabbit, and The Director of Incredibes - all sitting down to just teach you -nobody else.

"Every animation struggle I have would disappear!"

You're probably thinking:  “AH man, sign me up!” right?!

But there's one major catch:

  • They can only teach you about the mechanics of a bouncing ball.
  • They can’t talk about story, acting, planning, creativity, cameras, workflow, or applying for work.

"Why cant the pros teach me everything!"

Now wouldn’t that be a HUGE bummer...

You’d probably be hoping to learn about all those different subjects that they are masters in - wouldn’t you?

I know I would.

This is an oversimplified example but this is basically what happens with virtually every animation school - even the best ones.

Every school teaches you the mechanics and acting. How much they teach and how well they teach it  of course depends on the school but they all barely scratch the surface of story, planning, workflow and other critical aspects of being an animator.

So even if you do manage to have an exceptional instructor they may be hindered by what they are supposed to teach and how much time they have.

Sure, the school might have some saved lecture videos or short demos here and there, but as a whole they have a rigid course structure that doesn’t allow time for developing other key skills.

This kind of focus can be all that some students need to succeed. Yet, many students fail to learn essentials like:

  • A fast personalized workflow to stay productive and happy.
  • How to plan so good your shot is a breeze to animate
  • Or how much story and entertainment really matter in shot (and how to make it jaw-dropping, sad, or hilarious)

These essentials skills aside, even if you do have a specific problem with mechanics or acting, your instructor may not have the time to focus on helping you through it because of the way the course is planned out

  • You may have to move on before you’re ready for the next class
  • You may not have the time to get your questions answered clearly in class - perhaps with a demo or in depth critique.
  • And the class assignments may not specifically teach you the easiest way to fix your animation struggle

Most of the students who face these hurdles never make it over them. They stumble through from one class or job to the next letting the problems compound - making their success far more challenging.

Stumbling to the finish takes a while...

It’s true you're not supposed to be perfect out of school but you should at least be ‘good enough’ to get hired  - and many aren’t.

Again this isn’t about casting blame. This is simply about pointing out what's holding you back from getting the right animation guidance so you can reach your dream job with less stress, debt, and doubt.

So what does the right animation guidance look like and how do you get more of it to DEMOLISH your animation struggles?

Well - imagine if you had personally tailored live feedback with strict deadlines on exactly what you’re struggling with right now - no matter what level you're at.

Imagine skipping the massive amounts of time or tuition like you need for a full school program or a specific class that only focuses on 1 topic.

Imagine being able to learn in a group setting where basic and advanced students pitch in their ideas and notes together. 

Imagine having a mentor that deeply listens to all your struggles, presents clear answers based on years of experience in VFX, Feature, and Game Animation  at the Biggest Studios, and pushes you past what you're capable of with a custom tailored plan month after month.

Does that sound like the right guidance to you?

Is that the guidance you're seeking?


Now you can have it.


Augmented Animator

Personal, tailored, and live feedback to DEMOLISH any animation struggle you have and craft an unforgettable demo reel that lands your dream job

For the first time, you can get the animation guidance you need and say goodbye to that “lost, stuck,  &  overwhelmed”  feeling.

For the first time, I’m offering you a chance to team up with an animation pro and tackle whatever you're up against right now with intensely focused feedback.

Never before has this be done.

You can’t hire a professional animator to physically sit next to you and walk you through everything or tear apart your scene file to find the source of your struggles - but this is pretty damn close.

Inside Augmented Animator you’ll:

  • 2x your animation skills in 1/2 the time with intense focus
  • Level up and craft an unforgettable demo reel in months
  • Surrounded yourself with a supportive community and life long friends
  • Wave goodbye to procrastination with strict deadlines and accountability every week
  • Feel at ease, excited, and confident anytime you're animating because your animating struggles are being CRUSHED

Augmented Animator is here to go above and beyond for you, by tailoring the program to YOUR animation struggles.

Are you ready to reach your dream job?

Chanthi Vijayapala Animator @ Cinesite (Hired Alumni)

I got hired as a junior 3D animator!


The biggest result [from Augmented] is that I would get companies coming to me. And being like "hey we have a position would you be interested in it?" or if I applied they're like "yeah, come in for an interview"

It got me from no one - to hearing from a whole ton of people. And then I got hired as a junior 3D Animator!

What you get in Augmented Animator

A Professional Animator as Your Instructor

Rusty Gray
VFX and Game Animator
Owner of Rusty Animator


  • Steamroller Studios
  • Digital Domain
  • MPC
  • One Animation


  • X-Men
  • Cinderella
  • Pixels
  • Night at the Museum 3
  • Into the Woods
  • Oddbods
  • Rend

Theron Chaplin Animator @ MPC (Hired Alumni)

I’ve learned from you more than I have from any other individual instructor...


Rusty is here to see you through it, he honestly cares whether we get better or not, and I think he comes across that way immediately…..

I can’t think of another reason why he wouldn’t be into this, if he weren’t trying to do this for other people, helping them grow, building a better community, and honestly I think that comes across without me even having to say it.

Yeah, that’s how I felt from day one, you know… I’ve learned from you more than I have from any other individual instructor, I’m sure.

Carlos Gotay Animator @ Troll House Games

You have probably been my biggest inspiration...


You seemed really humble, like really wanting to help everyone out. Really wanting to take on that mentor role. Like let me help guide you on this path.

It was wonderful. You have probably been my biggest inspiration so far in helping me move forward as an animator.

Outstanding Instructor Calls

Rusty Gray
VFX and Game Animator
Owner of Rusty Animator

Augmented Animator excels at how instructors and students interact. 

All students will group up in a live call with there instructor on Zoom.

This in itself is not that unique, as most schools and workshops teach this way.  It is great for students to see what other students are challenged by, what they are doing about it, and how.

Unfortunately, most of the time students in these group settings are all at the same skill level, and don't get a chance to give their feedback.

Augmented Animator changes that by mixing skill levels and asking everyone on every call to get involved and share their feedback.

Ultimately, this is FAR better at helping students get to know each other, gather more ideas, more perspective, and inspire collaboration.

To allow ample time for this to be an outstanding  experience - each instructor every week will give extensive calls:

  • Rusty Gray's Group Calls will last 2 hours each week

The group calls in Augmented Animator  can easily provide the feedback and support you need for massive growth. No other animation program can match it. 

It's as close as you can get to sitting next to a professional animator and having them walk you through animation step by step.

As this requires a lot of dedicated time - only a few students will have access to each instructor:

  • Rusty Gray's Group Calls will ONLY be available to 20 students MAX

Spots are given on a first come first serve basis.

So if you may miss the chance. 

But what else helps you excel inside Augmented  Animator?

Up to 6 months of Feedback

You'll get in-depth flexible feedback on any topic you choose (mechanics, entertainment, networking, productivity)

If you're new to animation - we'll get the basics down.

If your advanced - we'll dive into whatever struggle is holding you back from your dream job.

And you get to choose how long you get this feedback:

  • 3 Months
  • Or 6 months


  • 3  Months or 6 months of in-depth guidance
  • Choose any topic - at any level
  • Switch topics at any time


  • Instant Feedback
  • Draw Overs
  • Recorded 

Live Critiques Every Week

Using Zoom you'll get instant feedback that also allows for real time frame by framing and draw overs.

Calls with Rusty Gray will be up to 2 hours long

All calls will also be recorded for your viewing.

This way you can revisit notes, or even see how another student improved their shot. 

Strict Deadlines

If you want to CRUSH procrastination and make consistent progress you need unshakable accountability.

In Augmented Animator if you miss a call or fail to make any progress - you miss an entire week of feedback.

This keeps you focused and locked in - never allowing procrastination a chance.

And if you need even more accountability to build more habits - we'll help you do that in our live calls and by teaming up with other students. 


  • Consistently improve with accountability
  • Miss a call or fail to make progress...lose a week of feedback


  • Skill assessment of your strengths and weaknesses
  • Make changes based on your dream job
  • End the program with clear next steps

Demo Reel Reviews

At the start of the program we'll assess your strengths and weaknesses based on your dream job.

Then you'll end the program fully prepared with clear next steps and feedback on your updated reel. 

Custom Tailored Growth Plans

Everyone has different struggles at different levels.

On week 1 - we'll build a game plan around what you most want to work on and what will most help you get hired.

Then for the rest of program you'll refer to this for next steps and adjustments.


  • Wk 1 we'll discuss what your after
  • Then build a focused game plan to win
  • You'll have clear next steps for 3 months
  • We'll adjust the plan as needed

Steve Filatch Former Walt Disney Studios - Animator @ Steamroller (hired alumni)

I have to say I’ve tried a lot of schools and this by far is the best one.


I have to say I’ve tried a lot of schools and this by far is the best one.

Not everybody can teach. Rusty knows how to teach. I speak as an educator of 17 years. He made me fall in love with animation all over again. The way he teaches you is in a traditional sense, which a lot of mentors don’t there more worried about technical stuff or how to get from one place to another. Which is fine, but doesn't lead to as much progress.Rusty gave me the knowledge, the exercises, and passed down the practice of how to make real progress.

Daniel Goodwin Animator @ Technicolor (Hired Alumni)

It's the best animation course I've taken...


It would be impossible to go through Augmented Animator and not see major improvements in your animation, assuming you’re willing to put in the effort.

It’s the best animation course I have taken for finding your weaknesses and improving them. Rusty goes the extra mile to make sure that you understand why something is not working, and will often steer you into identifying what’s not working instead of just telling you out-right.

Full Feature Recap:

Alumni Animations:

Pro Instructor - Rusty Gray

  • Up to 6 months of Feedback
  • (any topic - mechanics, story, networking, etc )
  • Live Critique Calls
  • 10 students MAX per call
  • A Class Every Week
  • 2 Hours Long
  • Strict Deadlines
  • Don't make progress or miss a call - lose a week of feedback
  • Custom Tailored Growth Plan
  • Takes into account your strengths, weaknesses, and gives you clear next steps
  • Private A.A. Community
  • You have access to a private community of students in the same program as you- to team up and network with
  • Demo Reel Reviews
  • At the start and end of the program
  • ONLY 2 Student Spots Left
  • Due to the students rejoining, as well as the time and dedication to each student - spots are limited

Student Examples

Theron Chaplin's - Axe Attack

Chanthi Vijayapala's - Figure Skater

Chanthi Vijayapala's  - Figure Skater 

Joe Toole's - Bounty Hunter

Enrollment Closes @ 11:59pm Wednesday Sept 8th

Get Started Today

4 Monthly Installments

  • 3 Months of Feedback
  • Live Critique Calls
  • A 2 HR Class Every Week
  • Strict Deadlines
  • Augmented Growth Master Plans
  • Demo Reel Reviews
  • ONLY 25 Student Spots 

Best Value

One-Time Payment

  • 3 Months of Feedback
  • Live Critique Calls
  • A 2 HR Class Every Week
  • Strict Deadlines
  • Augmented Growth Master Plans
  • Demo Reel Reviews
  • ONLY 25 Student Spots 

Alumni Success Stories

Carlos Gotay Animator @ Troll House Games

I highly, highly, recommend Augmented Animator


This is definitely something that will help you improve not just in the short term - but in the long term – you’re going to come out great. If you actually try and put in an honest amount of work.

That was my biggest takeaway setting time aside and prioritizing and trying to put everything down just, so I can become better. And if anyone else wants to do so – I highly, highly, recommend Augmented Animator to get on that path and more.

Katie Nolan Senior Graphic Designer

Absolutely - I would 100% recommend this course


Whether your starting off on your journey and you don’t really know where you are, and you want to get more focused attention on how you can prepare yourself…

…Or if you’re like me where you’ve been doing this for a while and you haven’t been as involved with animation as you like to be and you’re ready to get back into it – absolutely - I would 100% recommend this course.

Mike Hanchett Animator @ Spin VFX (Hired Alumni)

Understanding Weight was my biggest breakthrough


After graduating school I realized one of my biggest struggles was selling weight.

Then in Rusty Animator School understanding weight was probably my biggest breakthrough. It definitely helped a TON. WAY more than I could have done on my own.

With Augmented Animator here's how you'll be supported over the  next 90 days

Week 1 - October 28th

We’ll assess your current demo reel or shots, and discuss your strengths and weaknesses. Then we’ll develop your custom ‘animation master plan’ for massive improvements over the next 3 months. 

Week 2-10

We’ll work together as you progress on your work based on your ‘augmented growth master plan’ and make any adjustments we need to as we go.

For the Holidays there will be a 3 week break, then we'll pick up where we left off. 

Week 11 & 12 - January 20th & 27th

We’ll discuss whatever you’re working on, and you’ll start preparing your demo reel, if that’s a goal for you, for the last weeks review.

Finally, in the last week we’ll review all that you’ve created, and your updated reel if necessary. That way you’re as prepared as you can be for whatever's next for you as the program finishes - applying for work, making final adjustments to shots, creating a new shot, moving on to a new skill, etc.

Instructor live call schedule:

  • Rusty Gray's Class Times are determined by students on Week 1
    • Usually there are 3 different call times, around the end of the week that suit everyone.
    • In the unlikely even a call time doesn't work - we'll figure something out. 

During these months you could:

  • Create an unforgettable reel
  • Animate the 3 best shots you've ever made
  • Develop a workflow that lets you to animate 2x as fast  - from now on
  • Get your foot in the door with your dream studio
  • Make the most of any school with extra feedback
  • And more...

Its all up for grabs - its your call how you want to improve.

Rachel Wu Animator @ Rockstar Games (Hired Alumni)

I’m definitely more confident animating action shots now.


I’m definitely more confident animating action shots now. I learned a lot more than expected in this class. So I believe as long as you try, you give this a shot, you’ll be happy with what you get.

Steve Filatch Former Walt Disney Studios - Animator @ Steamroller (hired alumni)

What made this course a difference was that Rusty cared about my struggles, my victories.


Rusty took the time. He took the time to hone in on my weaknesses. I didn’t feel rushed in each session. I felt appreciated. I felt valued. I didn’t get that from any other program. I felt very rushed. I’d hear “oh ok well we gotta go on to the next student.” What made this a difference was that he cared about my struggles, my victories. And that is just not forgotten.

Chanthi Vijayapala Animator @ Cinesite (Hired Alumni)

with your course you really pushed me with my animation -  which improved sooo much!


I used to rely on reference so much. Which makes sense, but the problem is I would just copy the reference.

And with your course you really pushed me to push my poses and get more fluidity and get more looser with my animation - which improved sooo much!

Like I remember with the ice skater...that was the moment I realized Oh my god yes - this is what animation is. You're not just copying the reference, you're pushing it, because thats what gives it pizzazz. Thats what makes it look appealing and entertaining. Its one of those things you know but you don't realize. But the moment that you realize it - it's like "OMG I found the secret!"

Try Augmented Animator - Your Protected with my 30 day 'care free'  guarantee

Give Augmented Animator a shot for 30 days (a month of guidance) and if you’re not feeling it - you get 100% of your money back


Augmented Animator isn’t just about improving your animating skills - it's about improving your career, improving your life.

You have the freedom to not only learn about body mechanics but also story, creativity, entertainment, planning, networking, demo reels, interviews, and more.

You get to chose what to focus on that will best help you to succeed right now. No one else provides this kind of extensive on demand guidance.

So I’m confident that if you put in the work, you’ll be thrilled with your growth.

And if you don’t feel like you're improving - your protected with the 30 day 100% carefree guarantee.

Just shoot over an email with your animation progress, and you’ll get a full refund.

Yes, you actually have to put in the work. You have to prove you made an effort to attend live calls, ask questions, and do the animations. The reason for this is simple.

Augmented Animator is only for the dedicated artists out to make their dream jobs happen. The consistent do-ers. Not the consumers.

A massive amount of time, hustle, and guidance will be spent on each and every student. So if someone’s not on the same page - especially in group calls or community posts - you can see how it will devalue the experience for all of us.

That’s ok though because you’re totally up for improving right?

Can’t wait to see you on the inside.

Alumni Success Story: Chanthi V.

Join Augmented Animator Now


Get Started Today

4 Monthly Installments

  • 3 Months of Feedback
  • Live Critique Calls
  • A 2 HR Class Every Week
  • Strict Deadlines
  • Augmented Growth Master Planes
  • Demo Reel Reviews
  • ONLY 25 Student Spots (2 left)

Best Value

One-Time Payment

  • 3 Months of Feedback
  • Live Critique Calls
  • A 2 HR Class Every Week
  • Strict Deadlines
  • Augmented Growth Master Planes
  • Demo Reel Reviews
  • ONLY 25 Student Spots (2 left)

Ngoc Vu Lead Artist @ Route 59

Definitely just take the jump. I don't regret it at all. 


When I started [learning animation] I thought I could be alone and just push through and do all these online tutorial's or something. But its so much easier if you have the support of your peers and a mentor to see you through it.

Augmented Animator helped me in so many ways I never really would of thought about when starting. Definitely just take the jump. I don't regret it at all.

Joe Toole Animator @ Ronin Film & Freelance

I would urge you to go for this


I would urge you to go for this because it’s definitely something that might not come around again. [Other Courses] will be there for years and years to come and it's always going to be the same thing, whereas this is [doing] something different, and more tailored.

The whole Rusty school-of-thought is like let’s tailor it to you, and figure out what the best thing is for YOU to do.

Fernando Cuevas Animation College Student

Its something you’re not going to find in a traditional classroom


I would personally recommend taking the course because this isn’t just a regular class. This is you and your mentor 1 on 1 and creates an individual plan just for you.

You show him what you have what your level is right now, and he’ll devise a whole plan just for you.

And it is incredibly helpful. And its something you’re not going to find in a traditional classroom – its in Augmented Animator.

Augmented Animator is
NOT for you if...

  • You're looking for a magic pill to become a master animator and get hired at Disney overnight. No one can promise you that kind of transformation - legitimately.
  • Have a sensitivity to getting feedback and frequently argue changes
  • Expect to take it easy every week and only put a few hours in.
  • Are looking to just join the live calls, learn from everyone else, and not participate.

Augmented Animator is RIGHT for you if...

  • You want deadlines to make consistent progress
  • You’re new to animation and want to learn the basics
  • You’re in school right now and want extra feedback to dominate
  • You’ve graduated already but still have struggles school didn’t solve
  • You’re looking for work or a new job and want tailored guidance
  • You’re working on a short film and need experienced feedback
  • You’re crafting a new demo reel and want to make it unforgettable
  • Want to Join and Save By Learning with your Friends?

    Learn Animation With Friends is the Augmented Animator Referral Program.

    Here's how it works.

    If you refer 1 friend or several friends and they join Augmented Animator - you can benefit massively on your investment in the program:

    • $125 off Augmented per friend referral
    • Up to a Max of 3 Referrals
    • That's $375 off Augmented Total
    • If you refer a friend that friend can also refer up to 3 

    Exclusive offer for Rusty Animator Alumni ONLY:

    • Refer 3 Get Augmented FREE
    • You qualify if your an alum of Augmented or Memorable Animator.


    • You have to get your friends interested
    • And Alumni can't be the friends referred.

    How to submit:

    • Email with First and Last names of you and your friends
    • Keep track of their referral status and benefits here - LINK
    Kelly Wetzel Talesnick Crowd Animator @ DreamWorks (Hired Alumni)

    I feel that Augmented Animator is an excellent value...


    I feel that Augmented Animator is an excellent value for your money, and that any animator willing to set clear goals and put in the work can get a lot out of the experience.

    Fernando Cuevas Animation College Student

    After the course I’m WAY more confident in my skillset - I’m 10 times better than before.


    From when I started, I wasn’t too confident showing off my animations. But after the course I’m WAY more confident in my skillset. I feel like I overcome so many different things and make it look really cool. Its like the different between day and night. Before the course and after the course I’m 10 times better.

    Theron Chaplin Animator @ MPC (Hired Alumni)

    I put my reel out on a Friday - Wednesday I got a Job


    I put my reel out on a Friday and I got an email on Monday for a Wednesday interview.

    Wednesday I got the job. And that's my story.

    Got a Question? Here's the FAQ

    Q: Will this work for me?

    Q: Will I waste my time?

    Q: How do I know this is good?

    Q: Couldn't I just go to college or learn on my own?

    Q: How is this different from a school or workshop?

    Q: I can't afford Augmented Animator - Can I get a discount?

    Will you OVERCOME your animation struggles and reach your Dream Job?

    It’s not easy becoming a great animator - becoming an artist worthy of your dream job.

    All too often the wrong guidance can lead you the wrong way. Or the wrong learning environment can hold you back from getting the most out of the right guidance.

    And the most frustrating part is, it's impossible to reach your dream job alone. No matter how motivated, passionate, and determined you are,  you’re bound to get tripped up without any help:

    • You’ll procrastinate without deadlines or accountability
    • You’ll focus on what really doesn’t matter
    • You’ll doubt yourself for all that you don’t have the answers to
    • You’ll waste $1,000’s of dollars and years of effort trying to ‘make it’
    • And you’ll ultimately either plateau going nowhere, or throw in the towel when it’s all too complex and overwhelming

    That’s what can happen if you chose to learn like everyone else - if you didn’t know the importance of finding the right guidance.

    But that won’t happen to you.

    You know better.

    You know what to look out for, and how to improve most.

    More importantly you’re ready:

    • You’re ready to wave goodbye to procrastination
    • You’re ready to discover and DEMOLISH your animation struggles
    • You’re ready to craft an unforgettable demo reel
    • You’re ready to have that animation dream job you’ve always wanted.
    • You’re ready to have your name on the credits screen

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    Steve Filatch Former Walt Disney Studios Animator @ Steamroller (hired alumni)

    if you have any doubts – brush it off. Just take the class. You don’t know what you’re missing.


    The different thing about this program for those of you that are having the doubts, he tailors the program to your needs, not a lot of people do that.

    For me I wanted to make show reel pieces – I wanted a complete 3. I didn’t get 3 but I got 2. They were 2 QUALITY pieces though with a full-time job. And I was working 10 hours a day at my job. So, anything is possible. And Rusty made that possible.

    So, if you have any doubts – NAH - shake that off – brush it off. Just take the class. You don’t know what you’re missing.

    Rachel Wu Animator @ Rockstar Games (Hired Alumni)

    Rusty Animator School is definitely a good decision. I don’t regret it at all.


    Rusty Animator School [AA] is definitely a good decision. It’s thanks to this course that I was able to have something on my reel that will be helpful for job hunting. I don’t regret it at all. Once I get a new job, I’d like to take more sessions.

    Katie Nolan Senior Graphic Designer

    I am so much happier now that I feel like I’m constantly progressing


    If [animation] is what you want to do – just go for it. There’s no time like the present. And your not actually going to get any closer unless you start walking towards that.

    That took me a LONG time to deal with. And I am so much happier now that I feel like I’m constantly progressing.

    I think it was Neil Gaiman who said, “your goal should be like a mountain off in the distance and anytime your walking to closer to that mountain is a good sign.” And this class definitely helped me walk closer to that mountain.

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