How To End Your Body Mechanic Struggles This Year

And Finally Create Shots That Get Your Hired

Its no secret you need good body mechanics to get hired as an animator... 

What is a mystery though, is how good do these skills need to be?

And how in the hell are you supposed to get to that level when you've already tried so hard?

You've already put in years of hard work in school.

Sure, you got the basics. Ball bounces are easy.

But beyond that, things get sketchy.

  • Movements often feel soft - almost weightless
  • Adding overlap takes many countless hair pulling hours
  • The flow of each action doesn't feel fluid either, its clunky or harsh
  • And no shot turns out anywhere near as jaw dropping as you hoped it would

You had critiques, you had lectures, just like the prodigy students who already made it - what else could you be missing?!

  • Maybe it's just talent
  • Maybe you weren't born to do this
  • Maybe you're doomed to a normal 9 to 5 job week after week for the rest of your life.

Or maybe something critical has been missing the whole time you've been learning Body Mechanics.

What if that's true?

What if the missing link was found this year and it ended your major struggles with body mechanics?

Imagine how that would change everything.

  • You'd stop stressing so much about every animation
  • You'd finally start making animations that can get you hired
  • And you'd be set free to make those impressive shots you've always dreamt about making.

You know the ones.

Shots like the bad-ass action scenes in Spiderverse:

Or Hilarious acting shots like you've seen in Klaus:

But what missing link could really make that possible?

Does it really exist? Or is it just a bullshit gimmick?

I bet your skeptical.

I would be too if I was you.

Well, actually I was you. I was once in the same boat.

Hi I'm Rusty Gray.

I've worked as an animator for 5+ years in Movies, Games, and TV. And like you, for the longest time body mechanics was my achilles heel.

In University I was so blind to my mechanic skills that I actually thought they were good - when they were really just complete trash.

Which of course lead to zero job offers - even though I dropped $100,000+ in tuition.

Owww. It still stings a bit.

After mustering the courage to try again, at an online school - I could finally see how bad my mechanics were and leveled up a lot.

Oddly enough though, I was still pretty confused by Body Mechanics.

I had great entertaining ideas and solid acting choices - it was just moving characters around believeably that continued to hold me back.

I had to still struggle like hell to get halfway decent...

  • Balance
  • Spine Overlap
  • Smooth foot pickups
  • Powerful Speed ups and Impacts
  • Hip & Chest moves that felt connected, driving the action.
  • Among a million more things  (even skipping the technical / rig stuff)

Thankfully, with a combination of cleverness, friends, hustle, and pure luck I managed to put together a halfway decent demo reel.

It wasn't Pixar Prodigy level.

But it did highlight my strengths well enough to at least land my first job in Singapore.

Do you think that meant my body mehcanic struggles vanished into thin air?

Hell no.

I was nervously twitchy from day 1 on the job.

Coworkers were breezing along cranking out 1,000 frame quality pantomimes in 2 weeks.

While I was putting in overtime to barely keep up with "meh" shots.

And every day for 6 months I felt like an imposter.

Like any minute they were going to find out I couldn't animate and toss me in the dumpster.

The interesting part is - it wasn't all hell.

There was a silver lining.

All the way up to that 6 month mark I was learning a lot.

Far more than I learned as a student in school.

  • Awesome Co-workers looked at my shots and showed me key lessons by hand.
  • My supervisor was also an old school 2d pro who would ocassionally 2d animate the answers ontop of my shot
  • And out of necessity from the constant deadline pressure -  I discovered new body mechanic hacks on my own.

These were permanent upgrades to my animation skills that I still rely on today.

And once I got over the 6 month hill most of my struggles started disappearing.

It only took me about half a decade to get there - haha - but I made it.

Yea, its not as sexy as being a born Pixar Prodigy from day 1.  But thats my story.

Does that mean you'll have to spend 5 years learning body mechanics too?

Or that you'll have to get hired before you figure it out?


You're story can be far better than mine.


By finding that critical missing link.

Since 2016 I've been asking animators what they need the most help with:

Body Mechanics has long been at the top of the list.

And I've been searching for the best ways to solve it.

Then by looking back over my journey it dawned on me. (20/20 hindsight is a killer)

Yes, some schools and workshops have bad critiques, bad mentors.

They can't breakdown animation because they don't have  the animation skills, the teaching skill, or they simply don't care.

Obviously that makes a big difference in your learning.

And yes, few schools break body mehcanics down into simple exercises.

Which is also pretty important. If you're trying to learn fast, its best to start with short simple animations.

Simple animations that let you focus on 1 or 2 new skills at a time.

However, there's a level that no school or workshop goes to...

No shcool or workshop shows you how a pro would animate every singe frame of those critical body mechanics animations.

Students never get the lead by example approach to learning mechanics from start to finish.

That’s the big missing link.

That has driven me crazy ever since it dawned on me.

To put it all in perspective…

...What is the major advantage that Glen Keane (Tarzan, Beast) and Andreas Deja (Scar, Jafar) had before becoming legendary animators?

They got to watch the Nine Old Men animate. They got to learn by example.

  • Yes, we all learn from good feedback.
  • We all learn better from having complex skills broken down in simple ways.
  • But we learn most by watching someone else first and then emulating it.

So, now looking back I wonder what it would be like if I had the chance as a student to learn that way - by watching a pro animate everything first.

Seeing how they solved the issues, pushed poses, exaggerated weight, and created fluid movement.

How fast would I have learned body mechanics then?

  • Would I have body mechanics down before graduating?
  • Would I have had better job offers right away?
  • Would I have enjoyed animating more with less stress about making it?
  • Would I have Spider verse or Klaus level shots on my student demo reel?

For most of these questions, I believe the answer is a YES.

At the very least it  would have kickstarted my career faster - with better options.

Obviously though, what’s done is done for me. I can’t change my story.

But I can make a difference in yours.

If you saw me animate every single frame of body mechanic animations...

  • You can have body mechanics down before your first job
  • You can create jaw dropping shots for your demo reel
  • And you can be set free to enjoy your career with much less stress.

Does that sound amazing?

If so, all of that is possible for you right now.

You can end your major body mechanic struggles this year and get hired.


If you want to soar past the basics, learn how to create weight and power on demand, and make your first hire-able demo reel shots -- thats exactly what Body Mechanics Mastery will give you.


By doing what no animation school or workshop has ever done - teaching you by example.

You'll be walked through every single frame step by step of 5 key animations that will develop your mechanic skills to a hire-able level fast.

These animations aren't all sexy-amaze-the-world-shots. And they aren't rendered pretty with fancy lighting or super appealing rigs.

All that fluff can be saved for an animator who wants to waste several more years before becoming a pro.

Body Mechanics Mastery is about becoming hire-able fast - so you can start your career and make the shots you've always dreamt of making.

And it follows the exact same strategy shared in this tutorial you might remember:

Salvador A. 3D Animator

I just got a job as animator in a VFX studio thanks to BMM!

I just got a job as animator in a VFX studio and I have to say that it was thanks to BMM that I landed that job and I haven't even finished the course! BMM helped so much!

Inside Body Mechanics Mastery You'll:

  • Wave goodebye to your struggles with spine overlap, floaty movements, wall smacks, and pops.
  • Discover how to create weight, snap, and fluidity
  • Craft your first quality demo reel shot that can get you hired
  • And finally be free to focus on all those entertaining acting ideas or epic action scenes.

What You Get In Body Mechanics Mastery

Outstanding Step by Step Video Walkthroughs

There are 5 key animatons you'lll need to develop hireable mechanic skills and I'll walk you through every detail.

I'll be animating each shot all the way from planning to polish. Sharing my insights, workflow, and techniques for getting it done at a high level. (more on these below)

Each Lesson is broken down into bitesize chunks

To keep it easy for you to watch - each stage of the animation processs will be split up in seperate videos

There are 30+ hd videos in total so you can skip overwhelm and level up fast.

Shot Planning Done For You

Video Reference and Sketches are available for download

You don't have spend hours searching for reference or coming up with a plan on how your going to animate each shot in Body Mechanics Mastery. 

You'll have access to everything I use and how I prepare. And whats even better - you'll have guidelines and tips for how to plan your own awesome shots when your ready to branch out.

Convenient 24/7 Lifetime Access

You can start / pause your progress any time, any day, no matter what your work/school schedule is.

The biggest excuse is "I dont have time." So in Body Mechanics Mastery it doesn't matter how busy you are right now or how busy you might be in the future. You animate when you can and if things get hectic you can press pause and return whenever you want.

Body Mechanics Mastery is all go at your own pace. And Yes, that even includes the optional video critiques.

Future Updates Free

Advanced Animations are planned to be added in later this year. The next lessons will focus on specific mechanic shots for each industry (games, vfx, feature). And more demo reel shot walkthroughs of different ideas / styles.

Yes, the 5 core animations that you start with is just the beginning. Even after you finish the course you'll be able to return to learn even more! 

That includes whatever other awesome upgrades come along with it too like exclusive rigs or lectures.

5 Core Animation Lessons 

Body Mechanics Mastery focuses on 5 core animations that are key to developing your skills as quick as possible. 

As you progress through each animation the difficulty will increase. So the first animation will be much less challenging than the last.

This allows you to keep things simple at first, learn critical skills like spine overlap without overwhelm, and level up faster. And in the end you'll be animating an advanced mechanics demo reel shot.

(For a few years these animations have been proven in my live mentoring course Augmented Animator -  to level up students in mechanics fast. Thats just with those students only recieve critiques. They didn't get to see how I animated them.)


Lesson 1: Sit to Stand

The sit to stand animation is fantastic for learning the basics of Spine Overlap and weighty hip movement.

In this lesson you'll be introduced to a 3 step workflow for creating quick and fluid overlap. It will keep your keys minimal. And it will save you countless hours of animating time from now through the rest of your animation career.

You'll see no time is wasted on what doesnt matter (fancy rigs, lighting, rendering, dynamic camera angles). It's all about animating at a higher level - faster.


Lesson 2: Jump Forward

The Jump forward is a natural leap (bad dum dum tisch) from the Sit to Stand. It builds upon everything you'll learn without raising the difficulty to high.

You'll be animating movement thats a bit more complex, and adding some new skills like leg overlap with IK/FK swaps.


Lesson 3: Simple Dance

With the simple dance you'll tackle a lot of new challengs. For the first time in the course you'll animate from all angles (x,y,z) not just focusing on the side view. And you'll be animating the arms so it will also be the first time your animating a full body character here.

Obviously, this means there will be more to animate and it will take more time to finish. Especially since the movement is more dynamic than a jump.

But in the end this animation will really start to open the door to your new body mechanic skills. Getting you much closer to being able to create those 1st imppressive demo reel shots.


Lesson 4: Jump and Climb Up

In the Jump and Climb Up you'll be venturing into more advanced mechanics. Its more dynamic and complex than anything you've done in the course yet.

Which also means it will be less formulaic. Of course, your spine overlap, weight, and your understanding of how the hips/chest work together will still be the same. But how you connect all these pieces in different actions will be more free form.

And like the simple dance, this could be a demo reel shot. Though probably only for Games. Maybe for VFX if you dont have anyhting else to show yet. 


Lesson 5: Advanced Mechanics Demo Reel Shot

When you reach the final lesson you'll be a far more capable animator. You'll use all your new skills to create your first true body mechanics demo reel shot.

This kind of demo reel shot focuses completely on showing off your ability to create weighty, powerful, and fluid movement. Its especially what VFX and Games look for. And its also an essential milestone for reaching the acting skills needed for Feature animation.

It can be anything from a dynamic sports action piece, to a martial arts move, an olympic routine, or a heavy weapon attack. And these shots can definitely lead to you getting hired. (Several students of mine already have with them).

In the course, you'll see how I animate a basketball dunk start to finish. So, first you can follow along to see exactly how to reach the quality it takes.Then you'll be ready to create your own shot from scratch to go straight on that reel.

More improtantly, you'll be set free to dive into acting or even more epic action shots because you'll have a solid understanding of body mechanics. And those level ups will permanently help you succeed for your enitre career as an animator.

Recorded Video Critiques (Optional)

Do you also want pro feedback and support to spot your missing faster and take each shot to a much higher level?

With Body Mechanics Mastery you not only get to watch me animate each shot, but you can also get personal video critiques on every animation you do as well.

With SyncSketch I'll draw over your shot to help you catch anything your missing, highlight your biggest wins, and show you how to level up 2x as fast.

And the awesome part is you can start or pause the critiques at any time you want because these critiques are recorded. So the course stays conveniant for you - regardless of your schedule.

This made a massive difference for me when I landed my first job and I had a supervisor that drew on top of my shots. My skills progressed much faster.

Lia H. 2D Character Animator @ Black River

The way you plan shots and give critiques is very clarifying

I find the way you plan shots and give critiques very clarifying. It is giving me the chance to understand why I have to make these changes, not only for my specific shots in BMM, but also how to improve all of my future 3d animations.

What Students Say About My Mentoring

However, here's a couple testimonials from students who have learned from me live for several months and vastly improved their body mechanics.


I’ve learned from you more than I have from any other individual instructor...

Rusty is here to see you through it, he honestly cares whether we get better or not, and I think he comes across that way immediately…..

I can’t think of another reason why he wouldn’t be into this, if he weren’t trying to do this for other people, helping them grow, building a better community, and honestly I think that comes across without me even having to say it.

Yeah, that’s how I felt from day one, you know… I’ve learned from you more than I have from any other individual instructor, I’m sure.

Theron Chaplin Animator @ MPC (Hired Alumni)

I did learn a lot from this class. And the feedback you gave was really good..

I did learn a lot from this class. And the feedback you gave was really good...I like your style, and your feedback really makes me think that you really care about each student. I was a mentor for like Chinese online animation school as well for a little while so I understand it's not easy. Yeah your notes were really good, you really spent time..

Casey Liu Senior Animator @ 2K Games (USA)

You have probably been my biggest inspiration...

You seemed really humble, like really wanting to help everyone out. Really wanting to take on that mentor role. Like let me help guide you on this path.

It was wonderful. You have probably been my biggest inspiration so far in helping me move forward as an animator.

Carlos Gotay Animator @ Troll House Games

Also A Few Student Animations From My Other Courses:

BMM Student Success Story: Terri G.

Join Body Mechanics Mastery Today

Option 1

BMM with Recorded Video Critiques


4 Monthly Installments

  • Outstanding Step by Step Video Walkthroughs
  • Lessons in bitesize chunks
  • Shot Planning Done For You
  • Convient 24/7 Life Time Access
  • Future Updates Free
  • Recorded Video Critiques
Option 2

BMM without Recorded Video Critiques


4 Monthly Installments

  • Outstanding Step by Step Video Walkthroughs
  • Lessons in bitesize chunks
  • Shot Planning Done For You
  • Convient 24/7 Life Time Access
  • Future Updates Free
  • Recorded Video Critiques

If you have any questions or concerns about the course you can email me directly.
I'm happy to help.

BMM Closes on Feb. 2nd 2021 @ 11am EST


Try Body Mechanics Mastery with my Care Free Guarantee for 30-Days

Give Body Mechanics Mastery a shot for 30 days (a month of body mechanics breakthroughs) and if you're not feeling it - you get 100% of your money back.


Body Mechanics Mastery isn't just about improving your animation skills,  its about improving your career, improving your life.


If you solved your body mechanic struggles once and for all  - or at the very least became far more capable with creating  good mechanics - that would transform your animation career - right?

You'd be far less stressed with every animation you create. You'd start making demo reel shots that would get you hired at that studio you've always dreamt of.  You'd be free to focus more on those impressive shots you've always wanted to create.

And You'd be set up to win as an animator for the rest of your career.

Permenant level ups are permanent.

So I'm confident that if you put in the work you'll be thrilled with your growth.

And if you don't feel like your improving - your protected with the 30 day 100% care free guarantee. Simply send me a message and your covered. No questions asked. I'll even eat the credit card fees.

 BMM Student Success Story: Cameron C.

A few more students share their experience
learning from me in other courses:

As I've already mentored tons of students live with body mechanics struggles (and they didnt even get step by step video walkthroughs like in this course) I thought their feedback could offer you good insights into what results you'll have with BMM.


I’m definitely more confident animating action shots now.

I’m definitely more confident animating action shots now. I learned a lot more than expected in this class. So I believe as long as you try, you give this a shot, you’ll be happy with what you get.

Rachel Wu Animator @ Rockstar Games (Hired Alumni)

I've definitely tripled my skills

I've definitely tripled my skills just from having this experience.

I would never have done it alone.

Ngoc Vu Lead Artist @ Route 59

I am so much happier now that I feel like I’m constantly progressing

If [animation] is what you want to do – just go for it. There’s no time like the present. And your not actually going to get any closer unless you start walking towards that.

That took me a LONG time to deal with. And I am so much happier now that I feel like I’m constantly progressing.

I think it was Neil Gaiman who said, “your goal should be like a mountain off in the distance and anytime your walking to closer to that mountain is a good sign.” And this class definitely helped me walk closer to that mountain.

Katie Nolan Senior Graphic Designer

Got a Question? Heres the FAQ

How is Body Mechanics Mastery different from other courses or schools?

Every school, workshop, or course focuses on teaching animation only with critiques and recommended exercises.

For a few animators this can get them hired. But for the vast majority it doesnt. A lot of animators also need to learn by example. They need to see how a pro animates all kinds of different body mechanic shots step by step to put all the pieces together.

No other school, workshop, or course does that. Sure, they may offer some live or recorded demos of some random shots.

But they dont walk you through beginner body mechanics to advanced body mechanics frame by frame. 

Body Mechanics is the 1st course to ever do this. With 5 core animation lessons you'll level up fast as your walkthrough through every single frame of each animation.

Plus, each of the 5 lessons are ordered and  kept simple so you can focus on a few new body mechanic skills at a time without being overwhelmed.

What software / tools do I need?

Body Mechanics Mastery lessons are all done in Maya. The 3d software used the most by animators in studios.

That said, if all you had was pencil and paper, the animation skills you'll learn will still apply.

Yes, you wont have all the technical hurdles or graph editor - you'll have to draw instead - but how you create overlap, weight, power, balance, and so on will all be the same. The art is the art regardless of medium.

But what if I'm special?

I don't care if your a 65 year old with blue hair thats attended 3 online schools and still dont have a job. Body Mechanics Mastery will set you up to win with body mechanics.

You'll get the answers to fluid, weighty, powerful, and believeable movement by example. And you'll be set free to focus on acting or create epic fight sequences if thats your goal.

So, If you still think your a special snowflake who will always have it harder than 1,000s of other animators ask yourself -- are you just looking for an excuse not to join? An excuse to prove you can't succeed?

The animation lessons here are built off my 5+ years of working experience in VFX, Games, and TV. At studios BIG and small. The animation exercises are also battle tested by tons of students I've mentored the past 3 years in my live mentoring program.

Will this help me if I've already been through a lot of schooling / courses?

In all your schooling have you ever been walked through body mechanic animations frame by frame from start to finish? From basic exercises to advanced? With indepth critiques, clear explanations of how the hips, chest, spine, the whole body functions to move?

If you haven't this Body Mechanics Mastery will not only help you - it was built for you.

How is Body Mechanics Mastery different from Augmented Animator?

Body Mechanics Mastery focuses soley on Body Mechanics with recorded video lessons that show you how I would animate every exercise.You learn at your own pace, as fast or as slow as you want.

Augmented Animator is a custom live mentoring program that adapts to your skill level, struggles, and goals with non stop weekly classes for 3 months. If your an absolute beginner, an advanced animator focusing on acting, or somewhere in the middle you can get the guidance your after.

It's Very adaptable. Very helpful.  Though you cant pause the course whenever you want. And you don't get to see how I would animate every single frame.

I Can't Afford Body Mechanics Mastery - Can I get a discount?

If join Body Mechanics Mastery makes the difference between you getting your student loans paid or eating – do NOT buy this course. 

I repeat you do NOT have my permission to buy this course.

Spend the money on your basic survival first. This won’t bring helpful pressure to the artistic challenges you’ll find inside. I truly want what’s best for you and if money is that tight this course is NOT what’s best for you right now.

Beyond all that, what about all the students who already paid in full?

It wouldn’t be fair to them to discount now or in the future.

What would your reaction be if you bought a TV at full price and then the next day saw it was half off?

This is also a barrier to keep out those who aren’t serious. 

If you invest in Body Mechanics Mastery you probably wont let it go to waste. You’ll put extra effort into making the most of it - you’ll be dedicated. 

Also, the price of Body Mechanics Mastery won't stay this low. In the near future the price will go up. (no idea when that will be right now).

Yes! I want lifetime access to Body Mechanics Mastery

Option 1

BMM with Recorded Video Critiques


4 Monthly Installments

  • Outstanding Step by Step Video Walkthroughs
  • Lessons in bitesize chunks
  • Shot Planning Done For You
  • Convient 24/7 Life Time Access
  • Future Updates Free
  • Recorded Video Critiques
Option 2

BMM without Recorded Video Critiques


4 Monthly Installments

  • Outstanding Step by Step Video Walkthroughs
  • Lessons in bitesize chunks
  • Shot Planning Done For You
  • Convient 24/7 Life Time Access
  • Future Updates Free
  • Recorded Video Critiques

If you have any questions or concerns about the course you can email me directly.
I'm happy to help.

Body Mechanics Mastery Closes In:


 BMM Student Success Story: Tommy W.


Your not gonna find a better course than this one

I found the next level in animation skill that I was looking for. And honestly it happened in the very first lesson. So if your considering BMM just go for it! Your not gonna find a better course than this one.

Cameron C. Freelance Animator

I learned more in BMM in a short period of time than all of my schooling.

Im more confident that if I start something ill get to the end of it and Ill like what I get. Animating is a lot more fun now. Do this course - it was well worth it. I learned more in BMM in a short period of time than all of my schooling.

Terri G. Student Animator - Former Aerospace Engineer

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