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  • How to create fluid overlap and snappy weight in a run
  • How the hips, spine, arms, and legs all work together 
  • What actually makes a run different from a walk or jog
  • A fast workflow for taking this from blocking to polish in 1 hour.

And so much more.

A run animation is a fantastic bridge to take your skills from the basics into body mechanics. And good body mechanics is how you'll start creating demo reel shots that can get you hired.

Hi, I'm Rusty

As a college student I spent $100,000+ in tuition to get a bachelors degree in animation. And I landed ZERO job offers.

Even as a Valedictorian.

It was heart breaking to say the least.

And that alone nearly kept me from reaching my dream of animating for a living. 

So after being a professional animator in the VFX, Game, and TV industry for 5+ years, on big projects like X-men --  I started creating animation tutorials and animation courses to help other animators succeed.

 Now after several years of doing that I've helped animators land their dream jobs and I've helped thousands of animators level up their skills in months rather than years through tutorials, courses, and live mentorship.

And hopefully now I can help you with this run cycle tutorial. Or in some other facet.

So that one day you can:

  • Receive multiple job offers because of your jaw dropping demo reel
  • Get a paycheck to animate on the next Coco, Avengers, or God Of War
  • See your art going viral, shared everywhere, and drooled over as you smirk about your life as an artist.

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