How to make Maya feel as natural as a pencil in  2 weeks, click the same buttons as the pros, and ONLY focus on the art of animation.

"Ugh, Maya..."

...Used to be my gut reaction every-time I opened the software back in school.

Everything about it was a confusing chore then.

  • The graph editor looked like an endless math problem.
  • Constraints were 3 hour nightmares that ran on loop.
  • And gimbal lock felt like a surprise time bomb happily blowing up all my animation right before my eyes.

It sucked.

And often I'd find myself raging as I thought:

"Why is this so hard?! All I want to do is make animation! 

Should I be a graphic designer or a 2D animator instead?"

Thankfully I didn't let the software make me quit.

I grit my teeth until I finally felt confident and comfortable with Maya.

The sad part is it was a long 5 year journey.

2 years were spent just getting good at the basics. Like understanding the graph editor. Or how to setup a decent animation workflow.

And what took even longer, was the advanced skills, that made me a much faster and capable animator.

Skills that allowed me to setup animation friendly constraints in minutes, completely avoid gimbal lock, or use custom hotkeys and  scripts to animating much faster.

Looking back now, its obvious why it all took so long.

The root of all my Maya frustrations came from 2 sources:

1. Poor Instructors

Back then I was lucky to find an instructor who even knew what Maya was - let alone be able to animate well in the software.

In fact the best animation instructors I had were 2D artists who knew very little about how the software worked.

Asking questions about the graph editor, useful scripts, or constraints - was a Hail Mary.

2. Bloated and Boring Course Design

Every traditional school I attended did teach Maya.

But unfortunately this meant that they taught every. single. part. of. Maya.

Modeling, rigging, rendering, shading, lighting, texturing - every artistic skill set was covered.

And it was ENDLESS.

What a bore. What a waste of time. 

All I wanted to do was animate.

And when we eventually did cover using Maya for animation it felt skimmed over.  

I wished I could of skipped all this hassle.

If I had better instructors or courses that were tailored specifically to animators - I could have learned everything I needed to succeed in a month or less. 

Can you relate?

  • Have you wanted to learn 3D animation but you've gotten so overwhelmed with Maya that you didn't even start?
  • Have you struggled with the graph editor, constraints, and other techy bits at school but nobody ever gave you clear answers?
  • Or have you joined a Maya course that has the answers you need, but its turned out boring, confusing, and bloated with useless extra lessons?

If you want to learn Maya like a pro animator in 2 weeks here's how:

  1. Focus ONLY on how to use Maya for Animation
  2. Learn from a Professional Animator who can walk you through all the good tools step by step 
  3. Find a Maya course that delivers this in spades


Maya For Animators

The fastest way for animators to learn Maya like a pro and comfortably focus on animating

Maya For Animators is your secret hack to making Maya feel as natural as a pencil in your hand and animating like a pro.

It will eliminate the bore, the confusion, and the overwhelm that often comes with learning Maya. 

Its quick, its practical, and its built only for animators.

In just 2 weeks you'll have all the essentials down to animate, and you'll already be using some of the shortcuts the pros use.

If you're ready to finally feel...

  • In control when using Maya
  • So fast you're animating circles around your old self
  • And completely focused on your art instead of the tech

...Now you can.

What you get in Maya For Animators:

An Industry Professional As Your Instructor


Rusty Gray

VFX and Game Animator

Owner of Rusty Animator


  • Steamroller Studios
  • Digital Domain
  • MPC
  • One Animation


  • X-Men
  • Cinderella
  • Pixels
  • Night at the Museum 3
  • Into the Woods
  • Oddbods
  • Rend

7 Core Video Lessons

Lesson 1: Navigation Pt 1

Lesson 2: Navigation Pt 2

Lesson 3: Graph Editor

Lesson 4: Workflow & Scripts

Lesson 5: Scene Setup

Lesson 6: Animating Pt 1

Lesson 7: Animating Pt 2

Each lesson:

  • Will walk you through the basics of animating inside of Maya step by step in just 2 weeks.

  • Is quick, fun, and all about specific animation tricks I've learned as a pro

  • Uses simple animations as examples to clearly teach the tools

  • Skips all the fluff - anything that's not what a professional animation would need - won't be covered (no rigging, modeling, texturing, or useless animation tools)

Week 1

What you'll learn:

  • Basic Navigation that will have you animating in 7 minutes.

  • How to easily read the graph editor and maintain precise control over your animation

  • Basic animation workflow, a simple process for creating great animations and setting up Maya to help you do animate well.

Week 2

What you'll learn:

  • Custom animation hotkeys, scripts, and settings I've used to animate on movies like X-men and many other pros use.

  • ​Where to find character rigs, how to reference rigs, and set up your scene for convenient animating.

  • How to animate a complete ball bounce beginning to end using everything you've learned (from custom hotkeys to basic workflow and scene setup).

  • And much more

A Private FB  Community

  • ​With Maya For Animators you'll have access to a private community where you can ask more detailed questions, get animation career advice, and team up with other students.

  • Occasionally there will be live Q&As or demos to help you learn more about Maya and speed up your workflow.

24/7 Lifetime Access (with Free updates)

  • You log in and learn anytime that works for you

  • You can revisit all the lessons as much as you want

  • And the best part - when any new additions, live events, or updates are added - you get free access.

Plus... Access to Advanced Video Lessons 
Added In All Year Long:

Advanced Lesson: Constraint Demo

Advanced Lesson: Constraint Pivot Change

Maya For Animators doesn't stop with just the basics.

Throughout the entire year, there will be more advanced Maya lessons added into the course.

So as you level up your animation skills you'll be able to return to this course to help you grow even more!

Here's a few of the advanced lessons planned:

  • Constraints (2 videos added already)
  • IK/FK swaps
  • Gimbal Lock
  • Space Switching
  • Finding and Importing Reference
  • Testing and Using New Rigs
  • Animation Layers
  • Animbot Tutorials

These are great for both Maya newbies and Maya veterans. 

All of them can drastically speed up your workflow, and make complicated animations much easier to handle.

Student Experiences:

Theron Chaplin Animator @ MPC (Hired Alumni)

I would have liked to have had a course like this when I started learning


I appreciated how thoughtfully the course was laid out. Only what we needed to know for animation is what was included. Each topic built on the last and made good sense. Plus, I now have a “nudge” script back in my arsenal! I lost it over the years haha.

I’m maybe a bad example as I’ve used Maya for almost 10 years. Refreshers on the basics is always good.

I would have liked to have had a course like this when I started learning the software. It certainly would have gotten me over some hurdles much much quicker.

Saulo Satoshi Animation Student

Each of the lessons are helping my workflow a lot!


I really like the course, I learned a lot already. I like how it is structured, the comment section where we can post comments and ask questions that you reply in a really short time.

Each of the lessons are helping my workflow a lot!

Adam Guindon Animation College Student

you need to check out this class!


If you need help learning Maya to increase your workflow and make Maya easier so you can focus on animation and not all the tools you don't need - you need to check out this class


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Maya For Animators is designed for you to quickly become confident with Maya  - even if its been a struggle for you in the past. 

But I want to make sure that it really does work for you. 

So if you're don't absolutely LOVE it - I insist you get 100% of your money back.


Join the course and give it a go.

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If you have any questions or concerns about the course just email me. I'm happy to help: