Why So Many Animators Won't Get Their Dream Job and How To Fix it


It was the best of days…

...Walking the stage and grasping my degree as Valedictorian.

With a huge grin I could already see it now. Soon I’d be letting Pixar and Disney  fight over my salary.

Soon I’d be laughing all day at a job to cherish forever.

Soon my family and friends would gather in the theater and shout my name as the credits rolled.

What a way to live –  so soon.

But I was greeted by a sound I'll never forget


Soul crippling, horrifying, and shameful silence.

A year after graduating and everyday was the same.

Wake up 11 am, Groggily shower – eat breakfast. And then check email.

  • 0 Job Offers
  • 0 Replies
  • Just Silence

It was the sound of dreams dying.

Rejection would have been a welcome relief -  but not hearing anything lead to a mental spiral of hell.

  • “What did I do wrong?”
  • “Am I just not a good enough artist?!”
  • “Did I not apply to enough companies?!”
  • “Is it just the economy?!”


My solution: desperately refresh job sites and shoot off more resumes into the abyss


The clock kept ticking and I kept waiting. 

 "Would my dream job ever come?"

Thankfully, after college – my parents had plenty of room at home


They covered the bills


They covered the food

If they hadn’t – the real world  would have set in much sooner.


Like it already did for my classmates. Friends who had to throw in the towel and get a real job.


They never escaped.


The clock kept ticking.

And I was terrified I’d share the same fate.


Afraid I’d have a mediocre Monday hating life like everybody else.


A life without art, creation, or characters. No T-Rexes, Wall-e’s, or Simba’s


The crossroads offered: Bliss or Lifelong Torture


It wasn’t a choice.


I vowed to find a way.


3 years later it was Deja Vu.


I had just completed my online animation school and it was time to apply for work.

I heard silence for 3 months….and I was on the verge of panic. And once again my friends were in the same boat.


All I could think was:

“This was my 2nd chance I won’t have a 3rd!”


I mean its only  taken 5 years of stress and swallowing $100,000+ in cash to get here.


Then out of nowhere…

My First Interview Appeared and Changed Everything

It all went down on Skype.


The Animation Supervisor was an industry veteran around since the start of Blue Sky Studios and hundreds of other students had applied for the same position.


Needless to say the tension was high.


But during our chat he did something phenomenal.


He re-watched his favorite shot from my reel and laughed out loud for the 2nd time.


In this exact moment – relief washed over my face – I knew I would be hired.

“Ahhhhhhhh now I get to be paid to move characters all day, enjoy an exotic city, work on exciting projects, become a better artist, and nerd out each day with coworkers on the latest upcoming movies”


My dream job was real. I finally made it!


How did I know?

I’ll give you a hint: The answer is above.

He laughed.

1 hilarious animation made my future supervisor entertained and that is what set me apart from everyone else.


That was the 5 year $100,000 dollar lesson.


That was the difference from my 1st demo reel and my 2nd.

You Must Be Entertaining To Get Your Dream Job


All the other applicants weren’t funny.


Their animations were generic – something my supervisor had seen a 1,000 times like a box pushing weight exercise or a character just a lip syncing some random line void of anything but a bore fest.


But perhaps the best part of all this was that some of these Animators – animated far better  than I could.

They were prodigies or had more experience. They had weight down, crazy smear  frames, and complex multiple character dialogues.

Some of these prodigies even got hired  because their skills were soooo good. They took jobs away from all the other poor hopeful novices because they were competing on animating ability.


But I wasn’t competing against them. I was playing a different game. The entertainment game.


In fact the shot that got me hired – was the shot with the worst body mechanics on my demo reel reel.  It moved like meh.


So to be memorable you could compete with the 98% on animating ability




You could compete on entertainment like no one else.


It’s a no brainier right?


How do you create a funny animation then? It’s too bad schools don’t teach you this.

Schools Don't Teach You How To Be Funny or Original

Schools only teach you that being funny, being original, is important.  


They tell you to plan. They tell you to brainstorm. They tell you to shoot reference. And then find some great ideas!


But how?


Your left to just ​"figure it out’"on your own.


If you don’t oh well – ​"you just weren’t born creative’"– nothing can be done right?



Anyone can be creative. Anyone can entertain. Anyone can create jaw dropping shots.

This can be taught.  And it all comes down to great planning.


Hi, I’m Rusty, a professional animator who has worked in VFX, Games, and TV.  A few credits include X-Men: Days of Future Past, Cinderella, Pixels.

Great planning is why my first supervisor was entertained. Great planning is why I’m still an animator.

It has always come naturally to me but that doesn’t mean I was a pro from the start. As you can tell from my story it hasn’t all been a cakewalk.

To get really great I had to learn a TON on my own – through many embarrassing and stressful years.


And I’d like to offer you a chance to learn all that I have – so you don’t have to figure it out.


If someone had pointed out at the start of my schooling – how to plan extremely entertaining animations – my dreams would have been realized much faster, with far less stress and many, many, $1,000s saved.


Sure. Schools are helpful. They force you to practice and you get better.

Much like practicing guitar everyday will make you a better guitar player.


You also get great feedback on animations – if it’s working, if it’s interesting. And you get better understanding of the animation principles.


If you’ve never been to an Online Animation school you definitely should. They are one of the best options out there compared to normal colleges.

 But nobody will teach you how to be original. Nobody will teach you how to be memorable.


So I want to invite you to the ONLY course that reveals the keys to creating jaw dropping animation at any time. A course that reveals how to get hired by standing out with entertainment and how to keep getting hired.

That course is...

Memorable Animator


How Memorable Animator Makes Your Dreams Reality

Craft a Jaw Dropping Reel To Get Your Dream job


How would it feel to live your dream career?  To keep getting hired anytime you need work?

Ahhhhh getting paid to animate everyday, real jobs aren’t for me I’m an artist.”

A drool-tastic demo reel will make this happen. It’s also your ticket to all kinds of freedom.

  • Want to change industries later? Done
  • Want a promotion? BOOM
  • Travel the world and animate in all kinds of different studios? Done.

When your art is amazing – everyone will want you on their team. Being in demand lets the choices be yours. Memorable Animator will be your blueprint to entertainment that makes it happen.

Laugh In The Face of Deadlines and Overtime


Production, even in your dream studio, can get crazy sometimes.

Nothing stresses anyone out more than deadlines and overtime.

Imagine, laughing at deadlines because you’re animating 2x as fast and getting everything approved. 

You could: enjoy spending all your time on the little polishy stuff  like finger overlap with every shot. You could go home early when everyone else has to do O.T. – relaxing carefree while people freak out.

Being fast and effective hardly ever comes down to setting keys faster. It comes down to having a plan that makes the shot work right off the bat. Not animating for days and finding out you have to delete and try something else.

Confidence and Understanding In Your Animating Ability

Memorable -Animator-Seasick

When you animate do you feel lost? Like somethings missing? Like you don’t know what to fix or focus on?

This usually stems from animating but not really having an idea what the story is. Trying to figure it out  as you go.

You didn’t take the time up front to think it all through and you can tell its not working. 

It can make you doubt yourself, depressed to work on the shot, and beg to quit.

Say goodbye to all that when you know how to unleash your full creativity. How to make a shot entertaining before you even animate.

After that you’ll be proud of your animations. You’ll be confident to take on tougher shots. You’ll be confident to apply for work or talk with your supervisor.

Eagerness and Excitement When You Animate

How great do you animate when you don’t want to?

Most of the excitement in animation comes from your ideas.

Your anticipation of your coworkers, your friends, everyone being entertained by your art.

As you plan you’ll think:

This eagerness will translate into your art – people will feel the excitement in your work. It will also make you forget about the clock, enter flow, and animate faster than you ever have.

An ideal benefit whether you’re in school, studio, or side projects.

What You Get Inside Memorable Animator

Memorable Animator goes far beyond a bunch of random tips – it gives you a formula to fall back on so you can constantly create jaw dropping animations anytime you need to.

8 game changing video lessons will walk you through this process of planning and inventing.

Lesson 1: Make an Impression - Get Hired

Lesson #1 - Make an Impression - is the first of these video lessons and it teaches you how 1 shot will make your dream career a reality. You’ll also learn what kind of shot your demo reel needs most.

Lesson 2: Conquering the Blank Page

Lesson #2 - we take an in-depth look at the brainstorming process and how you can unlock the floodgates for more ideas than you can handle.  

There are several methods shared and available to break your creativity muscles out of atrophy.

Lesson 3: The Hooters Strategy

Lesson #3 - The Hooters strategy unveils the essential elements that every great scene has and the key principles you can use in every shot to make it great. This makes you 2x as fast and consistent in producing animations that will serve your demo reel.

Lesson 4: Creating Captivating Characters

Lesson #4 – Is a deep dive into creating characters that audiences will remember. You’ll discover how you can develop a personality that’s instantly relate-able  and how that ultimately will make your animation much more entertaining.

Lesson 5: Shooting Reference At The Next Level

Lesson #5 - Shooting Reference  might seem straightforward, and in a lot of ways it is. Although, this lesson you’ll discover how to quickly test your ideas and put your acting skills to more use than you ever have before.

Lesson 6: Clear Storytelling

Lesson #6 – Is all about leading the audiences eyes so the story can be told with maximum effect.  You don’t want anyone to miss your jokes or intense drama. Contrasting Movement, Staging, Camera Work,  Silhouettes it’s all covered.

Lesson 7: Planning Rhythm

Lesson #7 - The Planning Rhythm lesson –  makes sure you have interesting emotional beats in your shot, so all the movement and story work together flawlessly. You’ll feel where the animation needs more energy and bolder timing before your shot is animated.

Video Lesson 8: Being A Memorable Animator

Lesson #8 - By the final lesson you’ll be confident and itching to start animating this rock solid shot you’ve planned. Before you’re turned loose to entertain the world, you’ll learn how to stay focused on what matters most as you bring your ideas to life. More importantly you’ll be able to create Memorable Animations for the rest of your career.

Stories and Specific Examples

  • In all the course videos I share all kinds of stories, animations, and examples to help teach you each lesson.

  • Both from my years as a student and a professional. As well as examples from iconic films, and games.

  • This way you keep having fun while also learning entertainment clearly.

Assignments & Deadlines

  • Each Lesson Has  has specific assignments, deadlines, and pdf worksheets

  • You will undoubtedly put everything you’re learning to practice and progress without procrastination.

  • Each student for the first 2 weeks of the course (the whole planning process) will need to submit by deadline for feedback.

A Private Supportive Community 

  • Learning speed is greatly increased whenever you’re surrounded by other animators you can team up with.

  • With Memorable Animator you’ll have access to a private community where you can ask questions, post your assignments, animations, ​and ​chat with other students.

  • Overtime this community will grow and you can continue to help each other learn or get jobs.

24/7 Lifetime Access

  • You log in and learn anytime that works for you

  • You can revisit all the material as much as you want

  • And the best part - when any improvements are made for all future updates - you get free access.

2 HR - Live Group Critiques Every Week 

Critiquing a Push with Drawovers
  • There's no faster way to improve than with experienced feedback from a Pro - so I'll be your mentor for the entire program. 

  • Every week for 8 Weeks we'll meet live in 2 hr group calls to critique your ideas and animations
  • Each call will only have 10 students Max. And every student will participate in giving feedback.

  • ​With everyone participating, everyone improves and learns faster. This is a unique as far as critiques go.

  • You'll also receive draw overs and recordings of the calls via Zoom / Sync Sketch

About Your Mentor



  • Steamroller Studios
  • Digital Domain
  • MPC
  • One Animation
  • 5+ years combined in VFX, Games, and TV


  • X-men
  • Cinderella
  • Pixels
  • Night at the museum 3
  • Into the Woods
  • Oddbods 
  • Render

How Much is Memorable Animator? 

Let’s put this in perspective.

If you were to go to a college or online school to take 1 class on animation – it would cost $1,000s of dollars right?  Not only that, you’d have to take the class on their schedule and when it was over – you wouldn’t be able to go through the course for free all over again. 

Memorable Animator skips all of that hassle. Not to mention none of this is covered in school.

With Memorable Animator you’ll receive:

  • 24/7 Lifetime access
  • 8 game changing video lessons
  • Worksheets for every assignment with clear instructions
  • Deadlines for accountability – so you keep moving forward.
  • A Private Community to learn with other students and share your progress
  • And live 2-hr group call critiques every week

To go even farther I thought I’d make this a risk-free No-Brainer and offer you a guarantee:


For whatever reason, if its not working for you, just shoot me an email within 30 days and you’ll get a refund.

Could you ask a school for a guarantee? Haha, I don’t think so.

Join Memorable Animator Now

Best Value


One-Time Payment

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    8 game changing video lessons
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    Private Community
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    24/7 Lifetime Access
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    Assignments and Deadlines
  • check
    Live Group Critiques Every Week for 8 weeks

(Save $107)

Get Started Today


3 Monthly Installments

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    8 game changing video lessons
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    Private Community
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    24/7 Lifetime Access
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    Assignments and Deadlines
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    Live Group Critiques Every Week for 8 weeks

100% Carefree 

Secure Payment

If you have questions about the course, email me. I'm happy to help. 


What Students of Memorable Animator Have Said:

Laura Lempert Animator @ Ilion Animation Studios (Spain)

I learned so much more than what I expected

I learned so much more than what I expected, stuff that I didn't imagine I would in the first place. It was a really cool course…Even though I had my doubts whether the brainstorming was going to work like it should, I suddenly came up with a lot of different ideas, so that for me was a big break, because I found out that I'm creative...

Vicho Friedli 3D and 2D Animator @ Wild Bunch Studios (Chile)

MA will teach you one thing you will need and won't learn at school/college/university. (Not even at Animation Mentor). I feel like now I have the tools to make any idea or shot into a great and memorable one. Even the ones that don't start as very good ideas…I felt the anxiety to finish the shot because you like the idea so much. (Something I didn't feel with my shots at school).

Juana Molina Freelance Animator / Graphic Designer (Colombia)

Memorable Animator is going to change the way you face animation, the process, and the way you see and evaluate the final product. It’s going to give you the tools to create entertaining animation from scratch and it’s going to keep you motivated to animate…I have taken many online courses before, but in a lot of them, I start falling behind for whatever reason. Mainly because there is nobody asking me to deliver, so I slowly stop doing it. With MA it was the exact opposite because I HAD to deliver, so I did not procrastinate for days or weeks, I just delivered. I did not expect to be so happy after the course, but I am, it was a huge feeling of “YES I made it” and I can keep doing it. I can create animations that move people even if I’m not the best animator, and that is a great thing to know, it’s a great sense of freedom.

Here's how you'll be supported over the next 60 days:

Join Memorable Animator


100% Carefree Guaranteed


More Praise From Memorable Animator Students:

Jorge Gonzalez Ass. Production Manager @ Warner Brothers Animation (USA)

Highly recommended. Especially for someone who recently graduated from Animation Mentor or some other such school. Memorable Animator is a wonderful companion to that. It will really help solidify everything you’ve learned and take you to the next level…It helped remind me of why I got into animation in the first place.

J.Yurika Imai 3D Animator @ Steamroller Studios (USA)

You talked about how it's good to animate and know your body mechanics, but you need to entertain, and that was like a huge shocker! Like epiphany for me. Before Memorable Animator, it was all about looking cool and showing off my body mechanics, that was my main focus. And having it look pretty in the renders. I'm never going to render again ever... Rusty felt more like a friend than an instructor; who is willing to go above and beyond to help us.

Casey Liu Senior Animator @ 2K Games (USA)

I did learn a lot from this class. And the feedback you gave was really good..

I did learn a lot from this class. And the feedback you gave was really good...I like your style, and your feedback really makes me think that you really care about each student. I was a mentor for like Chinese online animation school as well for a little while so I understand it's not easy. Yeah your notes were really good, you really spent time..

Is Memorable Animator a good fit?

Memorable Animator
is RIGHT For You if

  • You're mechanics are intermediate / adv. 
  • You're looking to build an stand out jaw dropping demo reel 
  • Your eager to support all the other MA students and build a team of trusted friends
  • check
    Your ready to make mistakes, grow from them, and share them constantly.

Memorable Animator
is NOT for you if

  • You're a beginner with very rough mechanics
  • You're expecting a job at Disney in 2 Weeks
  • Your hoping to just watch/read everything and skip the work
  • Your expecting this course to cover ALL of Animation
  • Your not prepared to learn more – after this course

Full Course Recap

Video Lessons

Develop jaw dropping shots that get you hired by learning entertainment

Assignments And Deadlines

With the lessons and PDFs you'll know exactly what to do and when

A Private Community

Ask questions, share your shots, get feedback and make friends

Stories and specific Examples

Learn entertainment clearly with personal and professional examples

24/7 Lifetime Access

Learn from the lessons anytime you want and get upgrades FREE.

Live Group Critiques Every Week

3x your learning speed with live recorded critiques from a pro


Care-free Guarantee

Secure Payment


100% Care-free Guarantee

For whatever reason, if its not working for you, just shoot me an email within 30 days and you’ll get a refund.

Could you ask a school for a guarantee? Haha, I don’t think so.

Memorable Animator is Only $399. Plus, there's even a monthly installment option.  

When the course does open again, the price will rise. And I honestly have no idea when that will be. 

Theron Chaplin Freelance Character Animator (USA)

Take the course. At the very least you are going to make contact with like-minded animation folks. Beyond that you will learn new ways of planning your shots, new ways to be more creative and almost certainly gain that "wow" shot for your reel you didn't have before.

Raymond Brandon Animation Student (Netherlands)

MA is perfect for learning how to develop a story and how to iterate it over and over until it has reached the desired level and then animate it…In the past I had ideas for animations that always ended up flat story wise.

Sean O’connor Animation Student (Canada)

Do it, this is something even the best online schools still don't go into as much in depth and detail on this subject.

Answering Your FAQs and Objections

Will this work for me?

Will I waste my time?

Couldn't I just go to college, an online class, or learn on my own?

How do I know this is good?

How is this Animation course different from school?

I can't afford $399 dollars - can I get a discount?

Allison Freeman Student Animator and Production Coordinator (USA)

I'm beginning my last year of college, studying 3D animation, and part of me is afraid I won't stand out at all when applying for jobs. So I took on your extra class because going into my last year I want to have a great shot. I want to already have a kick ass demo reel so that when I do apply I simply can't be ignored. That's why I bought the course and I am really glad I did, I learned so so much and I am already applying it to other shots.

Maxim Koch Animator @ Studio Rakete (Germany)

I would recommend MA, it covers many things that are not currently being done at normal school… it's great for someone who already has a bit of experience to come back, or someone with no experience to try it and see if you like it, without making a commitment to a 2 year program or something like that. It felt right that the entertainment is the most important part.

Daniel Almeida 3D Animator @ Lunar Animation (Brazil)

I came across your e-mail with the Memorable Animator course right when I decided I was lacking acting shots on my reel and couldn't wait any longer to fix that! …The course boiled down many important concepts and now I know the exact steps to go through to have a consistent shot….I was surprised by your engagement on giving quality feedback to everyone! And also the examples of the process of your own demo reel shots were great! It was a really, really great course.

So Many Animators Won’t Get Their Dream Job

98% of Animators will still compete on Animating Ability.

They’ll choose to finish school, apply to their dream jobs, and let the long wait set in.

They’ll hope and pray they will stand a chance.

But inside they’ll know the odds are against them 10 to 1

And that their dream job will never come.

98%  of them will just close this page and avoid putting in the practice.

But they ARE NOT you.

You’re ready to play a different game. The entertainment game.

You’re ready to create a jaw dropping shot that will get you hired.

You’re ready to live the career you’ve always wanted

Click the button and get ready to accept your dream job.