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  • Abraham Marquez says:

    Great story, this post just gave me more motivation to go after my dream. Im a former US Marine and currently a EMT in California, and even though I like my job my dream has always been animation. Animation is my dream and passion but it has also been my biggest fear. I always been afraid about not making it in the industry, but recently I decided to face my fear and tackle down my dream. I love your site because it seems to have great advice and motivation to push people like me, and with the help of your site I believe it will help me and guide me on where to start. Thanks.

  • Cheryl Terry says:

    This has been a great re-enforcement for me.With a technical background and no previous art training, I completed animation school totally lost. It was a difficult struggle … but I never gave up. I did take a break to step back and see the whole picture. My animation was never about storytelling … I was never taught that. At least, that was never the emphasis from my my teachers until I got to the polishing class to learn I was not standing on solid ground. All seemed lost. But my passion never stopped. I have been paralyzed on how to start over with my demo reel. I took a class on storytelling which was overwhelming but an eye opener. This article completes the ideas for animation and gives a great starting place. I have ideas, Now I know what to do with them. Thank you! A new beginning ….

  • Martin Shellabarger says:

    Just do it. Then keep doing it until. . . you DO it. Remember, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again the same way and expecting a different result. So keep doing it, while taking good feedback, adjust the approach, then do it some more.

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