Unlock Pro Mode

And push your animation growth to the limit in 28 days

Pro mode is a free upgrade to the 28 Day Animation Challenge on Rusty Animator's YouTube that ups the ante with even
tougher challenges -- so you can become a pro animator even faster.

Get Exclusive Animation Challenges

With pro mode unlocked you'll receive tougher challenges via email that will up the ante from the normal ones in the 28 day animation challenge. It will take all you're learning and push you to get even more creative with your ideas and problem solving. You'll struggle more but you'll also grow far more as a result. Ready to fast track your way to becoming a pro?!

Get Access to Exclusive Feedback and Support

You'll also get access to the exclusive Rusty Animator discord community -- full of students and professionals from all over the world that are helping each other every day to become better animators. Including other animators going through the 28 Day animation challenge as well.

On any given day at any given moment - when you need animation feedback or even just career advice - you have a support team to turn to for help. 

Learn more about animation in 28 days than at a 4 year university

Hi, I'm Rusty

As a college student I spent $100,000+ in tuition to get a bachelors degree in animation. And I landed ZERO job offers.

Even as a Valedictorian

It was heart breaking to say the least.

And that alone nearly kept me from reaching my dream of animating for a living. 

So after being a professional animator in the VFX, Game, and TV industry for 5+ years, on big projects like X-men --  I started creating animation tutorials and animation courses to help other animators succeed.

 Now after several years of doing that I've helped animators land their dream jobs and I've helped thousands of animators level up their skills in months rather than years through tutorials, courses, and live mentorship.

And hopefully now I can help you with this 28 Day Animation Challenge to grow your skills far faster and at a higher level than you would reach in 4 years at a traditional college.

So that one day you can:

  • Receive multiple job offers because of your jaw dropping demo reel
  • Get a paycheck to animate on the next Coco, Avengers, or God Of War
  • See your art going viral, shared everywhere, and drooled over as you smirk about how far you've come.

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