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Its really fitting Nic is one of the first guests of the podcast. We both ‘discovered’ the world of animation together.

Forming a peer group, visiting animation conferences, crafting standout reels, first interviews, and first relocation’s – we really covered it all at the same time. And I couldn’t of pulled any of it off without him or any of my friends for that matter.

Personally, this episode really highlights the importance of the person next to you. “Networking” really means “friendships” that will greatly change your life – now and for many years to come.

Only after being in the trenches do you realize – the work is just a small part of the picture – your buddies add the color to the canvas. The inside jokes, the wacky visits to Disneyland, the wrap parties, and even the shared fatigue of harsh deadlines – its all them.  And when your searching for the first, second, or third job – it will them again – getting you through the door.

So when you finally start learning animation, take your next class, or have your first day on the job – Team Up. Give critiques, give pep talks, share all you know because your out to help. Have their back and they’ll have yours. You wont regret it.

For all you aspiring animators out there, I hope Nic’s story sends the message loud and clear, along with much more. Student to Sony Pictures Imageworks didnt happen overnight. The search for proper instruction, the inspiration from attending events like CTN, and even the despair of waiting for a job while running out of rent money – ALL played its part in this journey of ‘luck.’

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • The Shortcomings of Traditional University’s
  • Wolfpacks and how they are a game changer
  • The strength of getting to know others
  • CTN and its massive inspirational impact
  • The importance of appeal in animation, rigs & lighting
  • The scary truth about landing and waiting for that first gig
  • How you adapt and creature workflow

Once you’ve soaked up these tips. Check out Nic’s Animation Progression, links, and a few photos from the journey below.

Nics Brand New VFX Reel

Nics Animation Mentor Demo Reel

(notice the appeal in the kid rigs and lighting)

Mentioned in the Episode:

  • CTN Expo
    For artists by artists, this is the best animation conference out there. Workshops, Demo Reel Critiques, Chance Meetups with legends in the hallway and much much more. It kicks off every November – so you can make it this year! If you’ve never been – dont think it over – just go! As mentioned in the episode we have had so many experiences and stories that have made a huge difference to our lives.
  • Animation Mentor Blog – Nic’s Post
    The Interview with Nic back when he was at Sony with 30 other AM graduates. The blog itself is also a great source of news and tips.
  • Animation Mentor
  • Andreas Deja
    Master Animator of Scar, Jafar and so many other great characters. Andreas learned from the old masters at Disney and shares advice on his blog Deja View. He also frequently attends CTN to help aspiring animators with talks and demonstrations.
  • The Animated Letters Project – Willie Downs
    Fantastic Source of Inspiration with hand written advice from the pros. A book is due out in April 2015 – Keep an eye out.  Nic will be sending his letter in.
  • Sony Pictures Imageworks
  • Sony Picutres Animation
  • MPC

Thanks for Listening!

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I’m looking forward to the next session of The Rusty Animator Podcast and what it can help you with! Happy Animating!

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