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Rusty Animator Podcast

Welcome to the Rusty Animator Podcast, an animation podcast in iTunes for aspiring animators to learn from remarkable veterans as well as recent grads who broke into the industry

Below you'll hear stories of learning struggles, tips for making the most of being a student, habits that will help you succeed for years to come, the real joys of the job, and of course Animation shop talk.

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Episode 10 - Animators of "Duel"

CEO of Artella and Animation Mentor


Episode 09 - Bobby Beck

CEO of Artella and Animation Mentor

Episode 07 - Daniel Pozo

Lead Animator @ Sony

Episode 08 - Dana Boadway Masson

Senior Mentor @ Animation Mentor

Episode 05 - Lukas Niklaus

Framestore Animator


Episode 06 - Martin Bell

Freelance Animator


Episode 04 - Dimos Vrysellas

Anim Director of the Ottoman and Mentor @ AM