2x your animation skill, create a jaw dropping demo reel, and so much more

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Quickly grasp the industry's leading animation software. Use Maya like the Pros.


Inside this Maya Animation Course You'll:

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    Make Maya an effortless extension of your arm in 2 weeks
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    Discover all tools, tips, and tricks the pros use
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    Save months of struggle by skipping all the extra buttons
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    Setup your first animation and just focus on the art

Learn the basics of animation.
Kick start your dream career.


Inside This Beginner Animation Course You'll:

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    Build a solid foundation for your dream career
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    Deeply understand the 12 principles of animation
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    Learn and develop professional workflow habits
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    Create several animations with thorough examples

Tailored live feedback to demolish any animation struggle you have


Inside This Live Adaptable Animation Course You'll:

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    2x your animation skills in 1/2 the time with intense focus
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    Wave goodbye to procrastination with strict deadlines
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    Feel at ease, excited, and confident anytime you animate

Master entertainment, make your demo reel stand out, and get hired.


Inside This Advanced Animation Course You'll Discover:

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    How to craft a jaw dropping reel to  land your dream job
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    How to systematically create an unlimited amount of entertaining ideas at any time
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    How to plan a shot so well you know everyone will laugh before you've even started animating

Student experiences from our animation courses:

I put my reel out on a Friday - Wednesday I got a Job

I put my reel out on a Friday and I got an email on Monday for a Wednesday interview.

Wednesday I got the job. And that's my story.

Theron Chaplin Animator @ MPC (Hired Alumni)

I got hired as a junior 3D animator!

The biggest result [from Augmented] is that I would get companies coming to me. And being like "hey we have a position would you be interested in it?" or if I applied they're like "yeah, come in for an interview"

It got me from no one - to hearing from a whole ton of people. And then I got hired as a junior 3D Animator!

Chanthi Vijayapala Animator @ Cinesite (Hired Alumni)

you also get so much more intimacy with your peers compared to...

If you're interested in learning about animation and your worried about tuition fees or other universities I would absolutely consider taking Augmented Animator on.

It's only a fraction of the cost you also get so much more intimacy with your peers compared to if you were to do it in an institution.

Ngoc Vu Lead Artist @ Route 59

I am so much happier now that I feel like I’m constantly progressing

If [animation] is what you want to do – just go for it. There’s no time like the present. And your not actually going to get any closer unless you start walking towards that.

That took me a LONG time to deal with. And I am so much happier now that I feel like I’m constantly progressing.

I think it was Neil Gaiman who said, “your goal should be like a mountain off in the distance and anytime your walking to closer to that mountain is a good sign.” And this class definitely helped me walk closer to that mountain.

Katie Nolan Senior Graphic Designer

I did learn a lot from this class. And the feedback you gave was really good..

I did learn a lot from this class. And the feedback you gave was really good...I like your style, and your feedback really makes me think that you really care about each student. I was a mentor for like Chinese online animation school as well for a little while so I understand it's not easy. Yeah your notes were really good, you really spent time..

Casey Liu Senior Animator @ 2K Games (USA)

Understanding Weight was my biggest breakthrough

After graduating school I realized one of my biggest struggles was selling weight.

Then in Rusty Animator School understanding weight was probably my biggest breakthrough. It definitely helped a TON. WAY more than I could have done on my own.

Mike Hanchett Animator @ Spin VFX (Hired Alumni)

I learned so much more than what I expected

I learned so much more than what I expected, stuff that I didn't imagine I would in the first place. It was a really cool course…Even though I had my doubts whether the brainstorming was going to work like it should, I suddenly came up with a lot of different ideas, so that for me was a big break, because I found out that I'm creative...

Laura Lempert Animator @ Ilion Animation Studios (Spain)

You have probably been my biggest inspiration...

You seemed really humble, like really wanting to help everyone out. Really wanting to take on that mentor role. Like let me help guide you on this path.

It was wonderful. You have probably been my biggest inspiration so far in helping me move forward as an animator.

Carlos Gotay Animator @ Troll House Games

Learn from a pro in all our animation courses


Hi I'm Rusty.  

I've been a professional animator in VFX, Games, and TV for 5+ years at studios BIG and small. 

And I'm also the creator of Rusty Animator.  

Every animation course I've created on here are courses I wish I had back when I was a student.

Whether you're learning to use Maya, the basics of animating, or being mentored live by me - each course is designed to help you become a professional animator faster and easier than it was for me.

My Demo Reel and Experience:


  • Steamroller Studios
  • Digital Domain
  • MPC
  • One Animation


  • X-Men
  • Cinderella
  • Pixels
  • Night at the Museum 3
  • Into the Woods
  • Oddbods
  • Rend

Not sure which animation course is right for you?

You can email me at Rusty@RustyAnimator.com with your questions.

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And we can chat about what animation course would be the best fit for you.

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