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2x your animation skill, create a jaw dropping demo reel, and so much more

Discover Rusty Animator's Online Animation Courses


Inside this Maya Animation Course You'll:

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    Make Maya an effortless extension of your arm in 2 weeks
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    Discover all tools, tips, and tricks the pros use
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    Save months of struggle by skipping all the extra buttons
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    Setup your first animation and just focus on the art

Quickly grasp the industry's leading software. Use Maya like the Pros.

Maya's the software that's used by most animation studios all over the world.

So if you want to animate in movies or games for a living this is a fantastic place to start. 

Maya For Animators can have you animating in just a few hours, and make you comfortable with the software in a few weeks. 

You could spend months on your own trying to learn how a professional animator uses Maya.

Or you could join Maya For Animators right now. 


Inside This Animation Course You'll:

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    Build a solid foundation for your dream career
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    Deeply understand the 12 principles of animation
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    Learn and develop professional workflow habits
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    Create several animations with thorough examples

Learn the basics of animation.
Kick start your dream career.

Far too many aspiring animators start learning the art and struggle immensely.

  • Their ball bounces feel like jello
  • Their pendulum swings aren't fluid
  • Their character walks feel robotic

Or whats FAR worse - they think their animations look good. And they end up moving forward into advanced animations they aren't ready for. 

Animation Fundamentals fixes all of this. If you're just starting out , it starts you off on the right foot. If you've already gone down the rabbit hole, it saves you from getting lost in wonderland. 


Inside This Animation Course You'll Discover:

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    How to craft a jaw dropping reel to  land your dream job
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    How to systematically create an unlimited amount of entertaining ideas at any time
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    How to plan a shot so well you know everyone will laugh before you've even started animating

Master entertainment, make your demo reel stand out, and get hired.

Most animators only focus on body mechanics. This  makes their reel just like exactly like everyone else. Or in other words - lost in the pile.

Stand out by learning how to be creative - how to entertain.

Stand out with unique stories and unique characters. 

"But aren't you either born creative or your not?!"

Who taught you that? Anyone can be creative. Anyone can entertain. Anyone can create jaw dropping shots.

This course will prove it to you.


Inside This Animation Course You'll:

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    2x your animation skills in 1/2 the time with intense focus
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    Wave goodbye to procrastination with strict deadlines
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    Feel at ease, excited, and confident anytime you animate

Tailored live feedback to demolish any animation struggle you have

You can't hire a professional animator to physically sit next to you and walk you through how to animate - but this IS as close as it gets.

For the first time there's an animation training program that adapts to you and your specific struggles.

Having trouble overlapping the spine? No problem.
Issues learning maya or animation basics? Game on.
Want to develop 3 new amazing shots for your reel?  Lets rock!

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