What Rusty Animator is all about

Have you ever said to yourself....

  • Why can’t I get my first animation job?
  • Will I have to give up my dream and just get a real job?
  • How could I ever stand out to a studio like Disney?
  • How can I make an animation that’s Pixar Worthy?
  • Why are my shots not funny?

Being an Animator is the dream career you’ve always wanted.

You’ve gone to school, earned good grades, applied to studios, you’ve done everything you were told to do -

And yet, you have nothing to show for it, except a pile of student loans.

You’re not alone - I’ve lived the same struggle and made it to the other side.

Hi, I'm Rusty

After being a professional animator in the VFX, Game, and TV industry for several years, on big projects like X-men: Days of Future’s Past - how to get hired, keep getting hired, and live your dreams is not a mystery to me anymore.

I want to unveil that mystery for you.

And help you enjoy a fantastic career as an animator too.

  • Receiving multiple job offers because of your Jaw Dropping demo reel.
  • Getting a paycheck to animate on Star Wars VIII, The Incredibles 2, or Overwatch
  • The pride you’re family, friends, and you'll feel as the credits roll on the BIG screen
  • Smirking like a maniac every time you're asked ‘‘So what do you do?!’’
  • Your art going viral, shared everywhere, drooled over

This doesn’t have to be a mythical fantasy. This can be your life.

Are you ready to make your dreams a reality?

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