Lukas Niklaus is a Swiss Animator currently at MPC Montreal on Pan. He’s also worked on Edge of Tomorrow, Paddington, Robocop, Spiderman at Framestore, Pixomondo, and Soho. Lukas dives into the emotions of hearing an audience watch a movie he worked on, layering workflow, the power of persistence, and strong mindsets.

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • The Power of Passionate Persistence to Succeed
  • Heartfelt stories of audiences reaction to your work
  • The bond between co-workers on a project
  • Layering workflow and Trans Y importance
  • How to keep your mind sharp
  • Learning from all the classes you can

Lukas’s Latest  Reel

Mentioned in the Episode:

Paddington Animation Reference with Framestore Animators:

Jordis’s Emotional One Question to Framestore Animation Crew:

What would you do if you didnt become an animator?

Animator Island Creativity ArticleSTOP BEING LAME!

A clever article Lukas brings up during the interview.  It brings perspective on the power of great ideas for your animations, backed up with clear examples. Animator Island has all kinds of insights for animators trying to get a handle on the craft.

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