Dana Boadway Masson is a Veteran Animator, Senior Mentor at Animation Mentor, Critiquer on 11 Second Club and Director of  a short film called The Cafe’. She’s covered it all – from TV, feature, and games in studio  to freelancing, and teaching.  Inside the episode she shares how she had to claw her way to a career as an Animator through passion and persistence. Having  also pursued acting before animation – Dana  always dishes bountiful wisdom you don’t want to miss.

From the very beginning of the Rusty Animator Podcast I was looking forward to having Dana on. She was my mentor just 4 years ago and radically changed my life because of it.  Not only did Dana push me past my own limitations as an artist but she gave me the tools that I still use today in every studio. If you have the chance to learn from, hire, or work with this rockstar – do so!

Mentioned in The Episode:

Everyones Hero ( Directed By Christopher Reeve)


Halo 3 Cinematics



Dana’s Filmography: IMDB

11 Second Club Critique:

Occasionally, Dana even critiques at 11 Second Club. Whether your participating in this monthly competition or not these crits are invaluable. Check out all the great acting tips she lays out to this already well done scene.


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