Bobby Beck is CEO and Creative Crusader to both Artella and Animation Mentor.

Together with fellow Cofounders, Shawn Kelly, and Carlos Baena, Bobby revolutionized Animation education  in 2005 with Animation Mentor.

Now in 2016, Bobby Beck, Shawn Kelly, and Carlos Baena are again on track with Artella to change the Animation Industry - this time with virtual studios, animation projects, and creative teammates from all over the world.

Mentioned in The Episode:

Circus Jam

This is the first animated short film completed with Artella. Directed by Bobby Beck, it was created with a team of 120 artists from 23 countries that we're all Animation Mentor Students and alumni. From models, texturing and lighting they covered it all in 10 months.

La Noria

Written and Directed by Carlos Baena (Pixar Animator and Artella/Animation Mentor Cofounder) - La Noria is an animated short film that was created with an online team of international artists. The project started outside Artella and then Artella was built around the battle tested necessities of this film. Currently, it's in its final stages with maybe a year left in production.

Thistle One

Thistle One is the project Bobby Beck is working on right now. There seeking artists and sharing their progress at CTN - check out the Artella project  page here: Thistle One


Duel was mentioned several times throughout the episode. It's making its debut kicking off at the 2016 CTN Animation conference on Nov 18th. Directed by Tim Rudder with several Artella artists bringing it to life - Duel will also be CTN's first original short film. Can't wait to see it!

Thanks for Listening!

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I'm looking forward to the next session of The Rusty Animator Podcast and what it can help you with! Happy Animating!

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