Need gift ideas for artists or for yourself?

Here are 9 of my best gift ideas for artists and a few bonuses. 

This way you can make the most of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the Holidays and or any other special event. 

Disclaimer: Some of the links in below contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links,  and make a purchase - I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the blog and allows me to continue to make helpful guides like this for you. So if you do happen to buy a product - thank you for your support!

Gift Ideas For Artists #1 - The War Of Art

No – this is not the ART OF WAR.

It’s the WAR of Art.

As a professional artist, I’ve often struggled with procrastination, creative blocks, self-doubt, and more.

I’d tell myself helpful beliefs like “I’m just not talented enough” or “I’m just not inspired enough today”

This book helped me pinpoint where all those dumb thoughts, struggles, and fears come from.

And also, how to push past them to win – every day.

If you’re an artist, whose struggled to even get started - whose regretted not finishing that painting or animation – this book will help you to win too.

The audiobook in particular is fantastic, as you can plug it right in your ear when you wake up every day, and let it push you past your struggles.

Gift Ideas For Artists #2 - Art Of Books

Gift Ideas For Artists 2 Coco
Gift Ideas For Artists 2 God Of War
Gift Ideas For Artists 2 Avengers

Regardless of the artist – art of books are a great source of inspiration, insights, and reference.

Whether its Art of Books on Pixar movies like Coco, VFX movies like Marvels Infinity War, or video games like God of War - there’s an art of book for you.

Gift Ideas For Artists #3 - A Monitor Stand

In the past I never really saw monitor stands as something really useful.

But this year, I recently got this stand as a workstation upgrade and BOY do I LOVE it.

Not only has it freed up a ton of space for me to use and been really handy to move around...

...but it has also relieved a ton of neck and shoulder pain that I kept getting from long hours in front of the computer.

Like most monitors, mine didn’t sit directly at eye level on my desk.

So even though I was consciously trying to hold a good posture, my head was automatically lurching forward to see my screen.

After getting this Monitor stand my neck and shoulder pain has almost disappeared.

And I’m much more productive at the computer because I’m happier.

So, this is something I wish I bought years ago.

Total game changer for posture health and productivity.

Gift Ideas For Artists Monitor Stand
Gift Ideas For Artists Monitor Stand 3
Gift Ideas For Artists Monitor Stand 2

Gift Ideas For Artists #4 - Wacom Tablet

This is pretty essential for anyone that does digital painting, 2d animation, storyboarding, and graphic design. And its also amazing for 3D artists as well.

Instead of using a mouse, you get to use a pen for not only more precise control, but also more fun.

Using a tablet makes drawing or animating feel more effortless.

Almost like you’re a kid with coloring books again.

Wacom tablets come in 3 different sizes:  Small, Medium, and Large

Small or medium is plenty for beginners.

  • A lot of the small ones are pretty inexpensive
  • Plus they come with free software you can choose from.

The Large size is more for professionals.

Gift Ideas For Artists #5 - Wacom Pen Glove


This is the least expensive gift idea on the list and I keep forgetting to pickup.

A pen glove is great for anyone who already uses any kind of tablet.

Frequently, I use my Wacom tablet and as my hand is going across it sticks a little.

This is due to sweat, oil, or dirt that’s on my hand.

And it’s actually pretty uncomfortable for animating

For drawing its also challenging to getting smoother lines when your hand keeps rubbing instead of gliding.

So, by using a pen glove, even though it looks funny, you keep your hand sweat or oil from getting onto the surface.

Gift Ideas For Artists #6 - Gorilla Pod Tripod

Gift Ideas For Artists 6 Tripod

This tripod is great for Shooting Video Reference, photography, or even film making.

As you know it’s tough to prop up your phone and take videos or photos.

You always have to use books or something random to keep you from having to hold your phone.

So, this Tripod eliminates that pain.

And not only will it work on flat surfaces...

...But you can wrap it around a branch, a pole, pretty much anything – so you’re free to use your phone as you need to.  

This is another gift idea I’m looking forward to getting for myself, so I can make my phone more practical.

Gift Ideas For Artists #7 - Sketchbooks and Supplies

Artists always have a need or an obsession with sketchbooks and stationary.

That said tastes can vary a lot on the size of the sketchbook, the paper, and the tools

But here's a couple solid recommendations:

Gift-Ideas-For-Artists-7-Pro Art Set

Gift Ideas For Artists #8 - Nine More Old Men Flip-books

Gift-Ideas-For-Artists-8 Nine More 2
Gift-Ideas-For-Artists-8 Nine More 3
Gift-Ideas-For-Artists-8 Nine Old Men

These Flip-books are a collectible and inspirational treasure for animators and fans of Disney movies.

Each flip-book has 1 animation from a legendary Disney animator.

You could just enjoy the artwork, but what I love most is also studying the animations by flipping through them.

 Seeing how these master artists crafted their scenes frame by frame – where the key frames are, what shape changes their making and 

There are actually 2 versions of these flip books.

I own the first version called the Nine Old Men.

Which is a nickname that Walt Disney had for the 9 animators who really made animation what it is today.

They were responsible for many of the classic films like Bambi, Jungle Book, Sleeping Beauty, and so on.

The 2nd version, called Nine MORE Old Men is about the animators who taught them, when animation was literally just starting in the 1930s.

Gift Ideas For Artists #9 - Razer Orbweaver

Gift Ideas For Artists 9 Razer Orbweaver
Gift-Ideas-For-Artists-9 Razer Orb 2

If the Orbweaver looks like a piece of gaming gear – its because it is!

But I bought it a while back actually to make video editing, animating, and other tasks much easier.

Overall when I’m doing anything on the computer its made me far more productive and healthy. 


Instead of using a big clunky keyboard with shortcuts spread out everywhere….I can use the Orbweaver, which puts all the buttons close to my fingers, as it molds comfortably to my hand.

Each button is customization for your own hot keys

You can also save several sets of hotkeys to use over multiple software's like Maya and Adobe Premiere.

And the really cool part is you can set your hotkeys to automatically switch when you open that software.

So it speeds up your work flow a lot with any computer software.

Health wise it helps keep me in a better posture.

Your arms are supposed to be at a 90 degree angle and in line with your chest.

Your arms shouldn’t be too far forward, too far back, or too far to the side – otherwise your shoulders or wrists can get injured.

With a big clunky keyboard bad posture can happen automatically, as the keyboard usually takes up all the space where you hands are supposed to be.

This leaves very little room to put the mouse or Wacom tablet in good spot for your arms.

The orb weaver fixes all that as it’s about the size your hand. SO you have plenty of room to move your mouse and tablet around to a comfortable position.

And of course, if you’re a gamer, you can have some extra fun from using the Orb Weaver too.

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