In our last podcast, we spoke with Bobby Beck (CEO and Creative Crusader to both Artella and Animation Mentor) when the Artella short film “Duel” was about to open the CTN animation conference.

In this episode, 5 Animators of Duel (Scott, Zee, Tomoyo, Sergey, and Zach) share what it was like to virtually collaborate together around the world on that short. They all have varied levels of animation experience and come from varied backgrounds. But all of them found common ground as Animation Mentor Alumni, and in the passion for great art.

Check out the short, each animators reel from the podcast and what was mentioned in the episode below.

Duel – Animated Short Film:

Animators of Duel Reels and Websites:

Scott Britton
Animator – Animal Logic (Sydney, Australia)

Tomoyo Matsuda
Animator – Cinesite (Montreal, Canada)


Zach Baharov
Lead Animator – Double Fine Productions (San Francisco, US)

Sergey Berengard
Animator – Bardel Entertainment (Vancouver, Canada)


Zee Myers
Animator – Iloura (Melbourne, Australia)

Mentioned in The Episode:

Ted-Ed Lesson – Passcode Riddle

Ted Ed Lesson – Benjamin Banneker

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