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Cat Walk Cycle Animation Tutorial

A cat walk cycle animation is a great start to learning creature animation.Although, most animators get confused, as soon as they start animating any creature with 4 legs.So if you're able to animate a

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Cat Run Cycle Animation Tutorial

Download this Free Cat Run Cycle Animation TutorialHow to animate a cat run cycle step by step Click here for your FREE tutorial A cat run cycle is different than a cat walk cycle in a lot of ways.Obviously

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The Best Animation Software for beginners and pros

What’s the best animation software if you’re a beginner?What about if you’re into 2d, 3d, or stop motion? Or if you're looking to go pro one day?Many best animation software lists would point

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9 Gift Ideas for Artists & Animators

Need gift ideas for artists or for yourself?Here are 9 of my best gift ideas for artists and a few bonuses. This way you can make the most of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the Holidays and

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Animation For Beginners [A Quick Start Epic Guide]

Animation For BeginnersA Quick Start Epic Guide If you're a newbie animator - this animation for beginners guide will quickly get you started and after your dream career. After all, you've probably

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Walk Cycle Reference: Examples, How To’s and More

Looking for good walk cycle reference?It’s all covered here and more:Normal walk cycle referencePersonality walk cycle referenceCreature walk cycle referenceBest sites/books for referenceAnd tips will

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RA Animation Podcast #11- Learning Confessions of a Blizzard Cinematic Senior Animator Play in new window | Download | EmbedEver wondered what it takes to make it to Blizzard as a Senior Animator?How about making it to

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My return to animation studios?

Back in June, we declared 2017 the year of massive growth.And  I shared a deeply vulnerable truth with you......that I decided to walk away from being a professional animator - so I could focus 100%

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