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RA Podcast #4 – Dimos Vrysellas

This episode changes gears a bit with a talk from an Industry Veteran. Dimos Vrysellas started animating professionally at the age of 17 and its been the only trade hes ever known. Its been 25 years of

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RA Podcast #3 – Michael Amos Play in new window | Download | EmbedMichael Amos shares his tale on following a passion for animation. From

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RA Podcast #2 – Nic Cabana

Its really fitting Nic is one of the first guests of the podcast. We both ‘discovered’ the world of animation together. Forming a peer group, visiting animation conferences, crafting standout

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RA Podcast #1 – Joseph Holmark

Here it finally is!The Rusty Animator Podcast is now live. Not long ago the podcast was just one of the many ideas I had for the website. Ever since I’ve been itching to kick things off. Joseph

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Is it too late?

  Am I too old? Am I starting from Zero Again? What will everyone think? How long will it take to before I’m job worthy?! Is it too late? These questions were part of a recent Email sent

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