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RA Animation Podcast #11- Learning Confessions of a Blizzard Cinematic Senior Animator

Inside You’ll discover: the #1 key to massive growth clear step by step game plans for improving animation skill over 3 months a chance to get more support for your dream job than you’ve

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RA Animation Podcast #10 – Animators of Duel

  In our last podcast, we spoke with Bobby Beck (CEO and Creative Crusader to both Artella and Animation Mentor) when the Artella short film “Duel” was about to open the CTN animation

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RA Animation Podcast #9 – Artella and Bobby Beck

  Bobby Beck is CEO and Creative Crusader to both Artella and Animation Mentor. Together with fellow Cofounders, Shawn Kelly, and Carlos Baena, Bobby revolutionized Animation education  in 2005

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RA Animation Podcast #8 – Dana Boadway Masson Play in new window | Download | EmbedDana Boadway Masson is a Veteran Animator, Senior Mentor at Animation Mentor, Critiquer on 11 Second

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RA Animation Podcast #7 – Dan Pozo

  Daniel Pozo is a Lead Animator at Sony Imageworks on Angry Birds. He shares his rise from TV to VFX to Feature Animation throughout his time in Australia, London, and Canada. If your wondering

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RA Podcast #6 – Martin Bell

Martin Bell is a freelance animator in the UK  who works from home for various clients all over.  His Studio is called Yes Commissioner? and in this episode he shares his journey on accidentally becoming

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RA Podcast #5 – Lukas Niklaus

Lukas Niklaus is a Swiss Animator currently at MPC Montreal on Pan. He’s also worked on Edge of Tomorrow, Paddington, Robocop, Spiderman at Framestore, Pixomondo, and Soho. Lukas dives into the

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RA Podcast #4 – Dimos Vrysellas

This episode changes gears a bit with a talk from an Industry Veteran. Dimos Vrysellas started animating professionally at the age of 17 and its been the only trade hes ever known. Its been 25 years of

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